Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Cover Artwork (which I don't usually feature but this is so good) by Datahowler himself. Such a Renaissance man.

Happy 420. Or 204, if you're in Europe.
I don't smoke anymore, but everyone I know still does, so this ones for you guys. (It's also for everyone who just likes good music.) You should all be familiar with Datahowler by now, he's the Dallas-based spacey-psychedelic-electro-hip-hop producer (jack of many trades, as you can see). He's just released a live album, recorded at his first show at Club Dada in Dallas on January 15th, and he's giving it away for free on his bandcamp. As we've come to expect from him, it's lush, swelling, occasionally trippy, and always enjoyable. Preview the song Watchtowers below and then head over to his site to download the album a.k.a. your 420 soundtrack.

*If you're in Dallas or thereabouts, be sure to catch Datahowler tomorrow night, playing live at the Granada Theater with Yelle and French Horn Rebellion. For sure a show not to be missed.

Watchtower (Live) - Datahowler

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