Monday, May 9, 2011

Bankok Hilton

"All this and more."

So, I screwed up. A week ago, I travelled from Paris to London in the middle of my exams week to see one of my all-time favorite bands, Death From Above 1979, after having waited 6 years for the opportunity. It was kind of a precarious situation time-wise: I had to get to London and back in 16 hours, just before my next exam was supposed to start. I knew I was cutting it close, but it was going to be worth it. So worth it. DFA1979 were the band, after all, who's ferocious and sexually aggressive anthems soundtracked my 'fuck the world' teenage years. (I was only 15 and hating everyone when You're A Woman, I'm A Machine was released.) The good news is, I made all of my trains and aced my tests. The bad news is: even though I had made it across the channel, and had been in London for a good 3 hours prior…I still somehow managed to miss the show.

Bankok Hilton (Feat. Sebastien Grainger) - Knight Stalker

And now? Now I can't even listen to DFA1979. What started as a simple miscalculation of to-the-gig-travel-time has become the ultimate 'you idiot' moment of recent memory, and I'm so miffed by the whole situation (SIX YEARS) that I find myself as-of-yet unable to play DFA1979, my ultimate beat-things-up music, for fear of becoming even more frustrated. But, there's hope. This hope comes in the form of a band called Knight Stalker, a trio based out of Los Angeles. They've been mailing me songs for months and I've rudely been ignoring them, until the other day I noticed a song in my library of theirs which claimed to feature vocals by Sebastien Grainger, the legend. Unable to listen to DFA, but still craving that croon, I swallowed my pride and put it on. Good choice. Bankok Hilton [sic] is a fuzzy piece of dark disco; sleazy yet dangerously sexy, indeed much akin to Thai hookers. This isn't music for beating things up, but damn is it good. I still haven't tried listening to DFA yet, but with this I'm totally ok for the time being.

In addition to collaborations, Knight Stalker also have a slew of impressive original work, encompassing a wide range of styles from lo-fi rock to house-influenced electro. Be sure to check out their funky, filtered piece of dancefloor heaven, We Don't Care.

We Don't Care - Knight Stalker

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Vanessa said...

I would have a hard time listening to DFA if I missed them, too.

Thanks for posting this Knight Stalker collab with Sebastien. I had never heard it before. He has another band called Bad Tits and they sounds very similar to the Knight Stalker song. Check them out if you haven't.

Also, have you heard the Does If Offend You, Yeah? song "Let's Make Out"? Sebastien does the vocals. It'll fill a bit of the DFA hole without being DFA, I promise!

Mikayla said...

Oh thank god, I'm glad someone gets it! :)

Thanks a lot, I'll for sure check them out.

There's also a really great DatA song with him on vocals, called 'Rapture.' I've been meaning to post it forever, still haven't gotten around to it. Definitely worth a listen if you haven't heard it yet!

Vanessa said...

I forgot about that DatA song. Thanks for reminding me; I just gave it another listen. I still prefer "Let's Make Out" because of Sebastien's laugh at the end when the producer or band asks him to sing it again.

And I just realized why the name "Bankok Hilton" sounded familiar. Bad Tits have a song with the same title: Weird.

The best thing about Bad Tits is that Sebastien plays drums and sings. I love his solo stuff but I'm most fond of him being behind the skins:

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