Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fakest Year Ever

Illustration by Julien Pacaud

This was supposed to be a Comedown Sunday, then it was going to be a Comedown Monday, but now today is Tuesday so it's just a really chill song. Fakest Year Ever, (love that title) by New Jersey hip hop producer Clams Casino, is a downtempo instrumental jam driven by bending guitars, a steady piano accompaniment, and even well-placed synthetic woodwinds. Oh, and it's really good. Sometimes I feel like I'm having the fakest year ever; Clam Casino's production perfectly captures those moments of detachment, when I pause to tell myself "just take it easy." Clams Casino's The Rainforest EP comes out at the end of June on Tri Angle.
[found via Potholes in My Blog]

Fakest Year Ever - Clams Casino

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