Monday, May 23, 2011

Hot Mess (Ride The Universe Remix)

Recently I've noticed something about myself: whenever I'm listening to a song that just blows my mind, I unconsciously bite my lower lip and wrinkle my nose. It looks much akin to this. This physical reaction is my ultimate measure of a song's awesomeness, and so I've decided to start classifying songs that garner this type of reaction as 'lip-biters.' Lip-Biters are gold star, two thumbs up, blue ribbon type tunes. The bi-continental collaborative group Ride The Universe (made up of Germany's Digitalfoxglove and LA's Fiero) ring in this new classification system with their remix of Chromeo's Hot Mess. It's a winner, all right. Just wait until the beat drops a minute in, and chances are it'll get a physical reaction out of you, too.

Hot Mess (Ride The Universe Remix) - Chromeo

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Mike @TrackeachDay said...

Loving this, cheers for sharing. Unbelievably I'd never seen chilli eating dubstep baby either. So double cheers.

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