Saturday, May 7, 2011

Houdini's Pumped Up Kicks

Let it be said: I love pop music.
I used to think I was too cool for pop. My junior high years had me realizing I was 'way ahead of my time,' and so were filled with music from the New York garage rock revivalism movement; high school saw me turning to post-rock and post-hardcore (so many posts) to fuel my teen angst; while the beginning of college saw me start doing drugs and thus turn into a little raver (I still have David Guetta in my top-3-most-played on my Last.FM profile to show for it…ugh). But today, I'm older, sober, and only wish I were too cool. So now? I'm all about the feel-good. And that's why I love pop music. Because it too is all about the feel good.

Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix) - Foster The People

Then imagine how excited I was this week when not only one but TWO amazing pop songs were released, by none other than the leaders of the feel-good music pack, LOOSE L!PS favorites Gigamesh and RAC. (In case you missed them, check out past words on Gigamesh here and RAC here.) This week saw them both drop remixes for Los Angeles' Foster the People, who's debut album, Torches, is set for release May 24. Gigamesh and RAC both had the opportunity to work their magic on two upcoming singles, and the results don't just feel good, they feel GREAT. RAC's remix of Houdini, sees Andre's production tasteful as ever, but this time incorporating a healthy dose of disco--the world's second-greatest genre. It's considerably more dramatic than the original, complete with an urgent baseline and an acapella chorus commanding you to "focus on your ability," and to get out to the dance floor. Gigamesh's remix of Pumped Up Kicks, on the other hand is, well…pumped up. Exuberant keys and claps, coupled with a driving beat should have your hands in the air and a smile on your face in 5 easy, breezy minutes.

To download the RAC remix, click the downward-pointing arrow followed by the "Buy" button on the Player. I promise, it's really free.
Foster The People - Houdini (RAC Mix) by RAC

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