Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love To Get Used

Photo by Wolf Suschitzky

Guys, something wonderful has happened. Every band that I truly loved in 2007 has made a return to the scene this year. First there was the Strokes, then Justice, then Death From Above 1979, then Beiruit announced album plans, Daft Punk's tour is imminent, and now, Matt Pond PA is back! You'd think I'd want to move on to fresh and shiny young things, but I cannot get enough of my old guard. And this Matt Pond PA? Oh it is perfect. I've been looking for upbeat, non-electronic spring music for the past month, and Love To Get Used is the answer. It's not that I don't like electronic music (obviously), but when I'm looking for something to accompany sunny skies and walks in the park, I tend to look for songs that feel a little more organic. This song is exactly what I'm looking for: big and bright, with a strong kick, dancing guitars, and collaborative vocals from Austin's Ariel Abshire (look at that alliteration; heaven). One of Pond's greatest singles to date, I honestly can't listen to this song without beaming. It makes me want to be in love. Or I guess, just give love to get used.

Love To Get Used is a single off of Pond's new EP, Spring Fools. Buy the EP here, and look out for Pond's summer tour, hopefully coming to a city near you!

Love To Get Used - Matt Pond PA

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