Monday, May 9, 2011


In addition to psychedelic disco, Leno also makes some psychedelic doodles.

When I first heard Leno Lovecraft, I wasn't quite sure what to think. Well, besides "What the hell?" Take for example the track Princess, the first single off Leno's debut EP, out today on Paris' Maman Records. What starts off as gay (I mean homosexual) italo disco--complete with the lyrics "I'll be your Princess, sleeping on your spaceship made of crystal"--launches into the sunniest, bounciest chorus this side of Jupiter. It might be a bit bizarre at first listen (hence the previous expletive), but it ends up being pure fun. His entire debut EP adheres to that formula--an initial uncertainty followed by the inevitable succumbing of your judgement and your body to the pure, bright, joyful (albeit perhaps a bit strange) work of Leno. This is disco for those of you with a sense of humor and a penchant for fanfare. It's completely unlike anything else out there right now and sees Leno is carving out his own psychedelic, technicolor niche. It's the type of music I'd expect to be playing as I frolicked in a field of luminescent flowers on some distant moon. Wait, did I just use the word frolic? And did I really namecheck that scenario? Check out Leno Lovecraft, and you'll understand why.

Stream Princess on the player, then be sure to go buy the EP HERE.

05 Princess 1 by Maman_Records

Bonus: Download the b-side Passionate Fantasia for free
Passionate Fantasia - Leno Lovecraft

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