Thursday, May 19, 2011

Secret World

Photo by Justin Quinnell

Some people have a natural ability when it comes to songwriting, and even though he's had a lot of time to perfect it - Jonah Matranga is definitely one of those. The Massachusetts-born musician moved to California in '87 and has been there cranking out kick-ass tunes ever since. More recently, he's dropped his Onelinedrawing moniker and has embraced some pretty innovated practices in making music. He'll take requests for covers, craft a personal song for you if you want, or even make a whole album with you - for the right price. Jonah's latest album, You're All Those Things And Then You're None, was recorded as two versions. The first time through was a super minimalistic approach - just Jonah and an acoustic guitar. It's the second version, though, that really puts a smile on my face. The songs are the same, but completely fleshed out with the help of over 50 people from around the world. Did I mention Jonah has never even met most of these people?

Secret World is nothing out of the ordinary for the singer-songwriter; it’s witty, fun and super catchy. I love all of Jonah’s work, but it’s the songs that are easy relate to that I listen to over and over. This time it’s a jam about love, and thankfully Jonah keeps it super poppy and positive. Everyone knows what it’s like to share a private world with someone and how fragile it can be. Secret World shows that even at 41, Jonah can still craft songs with the same vigor and message as he did when he first hit the scene. Listen to Secret World and make sure to check out Jonah Matranga’s expansive online store, which he runs himself. You can buy either version of You’re All Those Things… or even request any version of any song Jonah has ever recorded through the years.

Secret World - Jonah Matranga

And as an added bonus track, here’s the bare-bones version of Unparalyze from the first version of the new record.
Unparalyze - Jonah Matranga

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