Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Private Caller

You always covered my eyes when you undressed, but I see you

Photo by Carles Rodrigo

Norweigan crooner Sondre Lerche is back with a new self-titled album, out today in the U.S. on Mona Records. It's hard to believe the guy hasn't lost any steam since putting out his major-label debut at only 19. There's been a lot of experimenting with his sound since 2002's Faces Down, but it's safe to say Lerche has only perfected his craftsmanship of indie-pop. The bottom line is: this dude knows how to write a song, and hasn’t put out anything eliciting disappointment. Whether it's the absolutely breathtaking, heavily jazz-inspired Duper Sessions (seriously, one of my favorite albums ever), or the faster-paced indie rock of Phantom Punch, it always works.

Private Caller, a track from the new release, is a perfect example of how Lerche has consolidated his neurotic genre leaping. It’s the pop we’ve come to expect from him, but the truth is – I wouldn’t consider Lerche predictable. Yes, the witty lyrics and trademark voice are there, as is the meticulous instrumentation. What I like about Private Caller in particular, though, is that it seems like Lerche really took his time with this one, rather than just churning out another cookie-cutter jam. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the song is super catchy and I can’t get it out of my head, which is kind of a rarity with Lerche’s work. It's is a lighthearted jam just in time for pool season.

Stream the single below, and be sure to buy it or the entire album.
Private Caller by sondrelerche

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