Thursday, June 9, 2011


Photo by Jeff Luker

I can't get enough of this one. I'v'e been playing it on repeat, I've been singing it to myself as I do chores, I've been pretending I know how to drum and endlessly beating out the rhythm section on my steering wheel. Colours are an Australian band who I can't find much information about. I was tipped off to their song Sundown via Twitter via Solar Bears. Sundown is a slightly psychedelic, fuzzed out piece of driving indie rock. You know I'm all about summer jams, and this is no exception. More importantly though, this song shows serious promise from a fresh new crop of Australian rock talent (Can't let Tame Impala have all the fun, right?). It's appropriate.

Sundown is currently available for free download as part of a single package from Beko DSL. Grab it there and be on the lookout for more info about the band as I hear it. I've got my eye on these guys.

Sundown - Colours

Be sure to check out the wonderfully weird video for the single.
There's a twist at the end - wait for it.

COLOURS - Sundown from kohnkepik on Vimeo.

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