Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I was sent this video yesterday and watched it once. Failing to immediately recognize the genius in the work I thought "Damn, that's cool...and a great song to boot," and continued on with my life. Big mistake. Thankfully, the passivity was not meant to be. Today I was sitting at my desk and started humming a refrain to myself incessantly. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was, until I went through my internet's history and came upon Icona Pop's Manners video again. An epic A-HA! moment ensued. I might have been a little late on the uptake, but now I've seen the light : this song and video are amazing. Dare I say incredible? This audio + visual combo is the manifestation of the pinnacle of great pop music, complete with an irresistible chorus, "bah bah bah"s (the catchiest vocal addition to any song, period.), pretty girls, neon, kaleidoscopes, and crashing drums offset my playful whirls and bleeps. Amazing.

Icona Pop are Swedish (WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED), and Manners comes from a 7" Split which came out in March on the always-fabulous Neon Gold. Watch the video above (Seriously.), download Manners below, and thank me later.

Icona Pop - Manners

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