Saturday, July 30, 2011

Metronomy Remixed

Now you're giving me the look

Remember Metronomy? Since I last posted on them, the group has been nominated for a Mercury Prize. I told you they were good. While we've already established their album The English Riviera as the perfect sunny day soundtrack, sometimes it feels like their songs are a bit too bright and cheery to translate to nighttime debaucheries. Luckily, that's what remixes are for. The first such remix is of The Look, which gets turned on its head by Belgium's Moonlight Matters. He takes the bouncy minimalist original and expands it to a stomping disco powerhouse. Next up we have two remixes of The Bay, by London acts The 2 Bears and Clock Opera (my loves). Both do some really neat things with chopping of the vocal line, giving the song an entirely different lyrical meaning in addition to instrumental mix. All the remixes up the sex factor and the grooveability, making them choice accompaniments to a smoldering Saturday night.

The Look (Moonlight Matters Remix) - Metronomy

The Bay (The 2 Bears Remix) - Metronomy [via The Music Ninja]

The Bay (Clock Opera Remix) - Metronomy

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