Thursday, July 21, 2011


I wanna know what happened to your boyfriend
Cause he was looking at me like woah

Photo by satansmothers

Is it ok to really really like Everything Everything? Being not from England (the four-piece band hails from Manchester), I am pretty unaware of their reputation other than what I've read on music blogs, and as we all know (and if my own is any indication), music blogs can be pretty biased. Everything Everything certainly feel like a guilty pleasure band. Between singer Jonathan Higg's ludicrous falsetto and the almost-too-catchy dancerock choruses, they come off as that kind of immensely brandable act destined for top 40 superstardom, which, to a hipster fag music blogger like me, should make them more or less the enemy. But then their 2010 album, Man Alive, was nominated for the Mercury Prize (England's most prestigious little-band-that-could-award), so now I'm thinking maybe my love doesn't have to be so guilty after all.

Check out their amazing single MY KZ, UR BF (that chorus!), of which we featured a fabulous Clock Opera remix last week, but who's original is just as brilliant. Be sure to buy Man Alive on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify (I'm obsessed)!

MY KZ, UR BF - Everything Everything

In case you missed it...

MY KZ, UR BF (Clock Opera Remix) - Everything Everything


Dustin said...

The Grum remix is awesome, too. Even more dance worthy! Love LL, keep it up Mikayla.

satansmothers said...

tks from satansmothers!

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