Sunday, July 3, 2011

She's Got Two Hearts

She's got two hearts, one is cruel and one is golden.

Photo by Nirrimi

Stellar news: Bit Funk had a new single out. I don't think I've ever spoken about Bit Funk on here (but I have over at Binary so check that out), but he's one of my favorite producers. I know it seems like I might say that a lot but I really mean it with this one. Bit Funk comes to us from Brooklyn by way of Chicago by way of Toronto, and he makes some of the greatest nu-disco and house you can find this side of the Atlantic. He's one of the few producers that, if I see he has a new remix or release out, I don't even need to stream it before buying or downloading it--I know without previewing hat it's going to be great.

Bit Funk - She's Got Two Hearts by Bit Funk

Bit Funk has a knack for crafting the kind of music that causes your mind to wander and your imagination to take you to another place entirely. His latest single, She's Got Two Hearts, just released June 29th on Bargrooves, and includes remixes from heavyweights (and LL favorites) Treasure Fingers and Ghosts of Venice, is one such a song. 7 minutes of swirling synths, filters and pads, and the simple, clear vocal line "She's got two hearts; one is cruel and one is golden," reminds you of every dysfunctional relationship you've ever had--the voice in your head rings clear and reasonable while your emotions swirl around under it. This is one of those great late-night summer jams for when you're wracking your brain for what went wrong in the hours preceding your solo drive home. (Yeah, I've sooo been there.) She's Got Two Hearts is now available on Beatport. Stream it above and be sure to buy it after.

As a bonus, here's my favorite Bit Funk song ever, Love Scientific as a download. It epitomizes the dreamy production style I referenced previously, with its cosmic synths propelled by an urgent intensity, and is one of my top-15-most played songs on iTunes. For good--no, great--reason.

Love Scientific - Bit Funk


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