Monday, August 29, 2011

Kitsuné and The Twelves, Without You

Painting by Michael Gillette

Today is a pretty exciting day. The untouchable Brazilian beatmakers known as The Twelves have mixed the latest Kitsuné Tabloid, and it's out today! As is to be expected, the compilation is nothing short of stupendous, and further establishes the Twelves as one of the most consistent, talented dance acts of our day. They stand ahead of their peers in their ability to craft a groovy disco beat or killer pop hook with equal expertise. This is evident on the compilation, the A-side of which opens with 5 original and remixed tracks, followed by a B-side that commences with Ratatat's Wildcat. A 'dance compilation' that features Ratatat? As an opener? You had me at hello. Be sure to buy the album off the Kitsuné online store if you're in Europe, and grab it on iTunes in America.

As for a preview? Though the entire album is a joy, Track 11 in particular caught my ear. It's a poppy, grooving little excerpt of Without You, by a certain Chaz Jankel. According to Wikipedia, Jankel was a member of The Blockheads, who's success peaked in the mid-70s. Apparently post-rock career he ventured into dance music, and the disco gem Without You was born. Fast forward 20 years later and a young Alan Palomo, member of the Austin, TX based nu-disco outfit Vega, samples the song in the amazing, irresistible, totally fantastic (I could go on) disco pop masterpiece No Reasons. Palomo may have set Vega on the backburner as he turned to focus on his little solo project, Neon Indian (perhaps you've heard of him?), but this song has never stopped being fucking incredible.

No Reasons - Vega * perhaps the best song I will ever post on this blog

Without You - Chaz Jankel

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Black Cat Balloons

Photo by Zuzana Mitosinkova

After a decade of crafting catchy, dreamy, electro-pop tunes, multi-instrumentalist Marc Bianchi is putting his Her Space Holiday moniker to rest. It's like an undodgeable punch to the gut for those of us who have grown up on his work. Sure, the tattooed, awkward-looking musician hasn't always knocked it out of the park with his releases, but he sure made a dent in my life. I always considered him more of an electronic Super XX Man (Scott Garred of Silver Scooter fame) or even likened Bianchi to Connor Oberst with more bells and whistles. As Her Space Holiday seemingly fades into the sunset, his final release takes us across 10 years of material, even though the tracks are all brand spankin' new.

Black Cat Balloons is exactly how I want to remember Her Space Holiday. It's a pop gem that swells to a marching-like chorus, culminating in something that might make Sufjan eat his heart out. Ultimately, it's great track to bid adeiu to an equally great songwriter. Make sure to pick up Bianchi's self-titled, final record over at Her Space Holiday's bandcamp (did somebody say limited edition vinyl?).

Black Cat Balloons by her space holiday

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Party Post : CLASSIXX Returns

Hey. It's been awhile. I've been busy wrapping up summer activities and springing into a new (and my final…wow) school year. What better way to do that than with whats sure to be a riotous night of disco and dancing? LA producers/DJs CLASSIXX are returning to Dallas this Thursday as part of Rio Room's Summer Series, and I couldn't be more excited. I caught part of their set two weeks ago at California's Pacific Festival, and even that little bit had me going. I can't wait to see what they roll out at a more intimate club setting.

Check out the event here. As always, advanced tickets are available, just click here to get yours.

While you're waiting for Thursday night to roll around, preview some CLASSIXX tracks and get ready to party like its your last year of blissful innocence. That's what I'm gonna be doing. If you aren't familiar with the duo get ready to fall in love with groovy baselines and a house-disco-pop-soul hybrid thats pretty unique and totally contagious.

Cold Act Ill - Classixx

Double Bonus:
Classixx produced a Mayer Hawthorne song…
No Strings Attached (Prod. by Classixx) - Mayer Hawthorne

And then Chromeo covered another Mayer Hawthorne song.
When The Night Falls (Mayer Hawthorne Cover) - Chromeo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Sky (The Magician Remix)

Photo by Lina Scheynius

The American economy is spiraling downward, London is burning, and children are starving in Somalia. The good news? We still have music. With that, we have the Magician, the superb Belgian producer quickly becoming one of the most formidable on the scene by way of his monthly mixtapes and always-impeccable remixes. He continues to impress with his latest undertaking, a remix of the Australian band Scenic. Like his Lykke Li remix, he utilizes heavy (but simple) piano chord progressions to brighten and drive the song. Another gem from one of the few producers who continually lives up to his lofty moniker.

Another Sky (The Magician Remix) - Scenic

Check out this brand-new remix of England's Wolf Gang. Talk about a summer jam.
Wolf Gang "Stay And Defend" (The Magician 'Caribbean Disco' Remix) by TheMagician

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lost in Stereo

Photo by Ryan McGinley

Hailing from the southern, coastal town of Brighton, UK, The Robot Heart sound like they're a lot more flesh and blood than their name lets on. The dreamy, indie-folk has been perfect for my day off, and makes it easier to handle the debilitating Texas summer (it's exactly FORTY degrees cooler in Brighton as I type this!). The band's work is absolutely gorgeous, and packs a lot of emotion behind the acoustic sound and pleasant vocal harmonies. Needless to say, it's easy to get a little choked up listening to these guys. Lost in Stereo, a track from the band's self-titled debut, is indie folk at it's finest. The hints of electronic samples and keys on this track is what makes this band just different enough to keep me coming back for more listens. The Robot Heart have been called the Icelandic Beach Boys, but I really don't hear that...especially since they aren't even Icelandic, right?! A lot of moments in both Lost in Stereo and in a few other songs from the record remind me of fellow UK folktronica crooners Tunng more than anything else. It's definitely a comparison I can wrap my head around.

Listen to Lost in Stereo. Make sure to pick up The Robot Heart's self-titled debut, released last May on Bleeding Heart Recordings


And here's a link to stream the whole album. I love the shit out of these guys.

Friday, August 5, 2011

LOOSE L!PS M!X: CREM de la Lolla

CREM is back, and this time he's the first guest contributor to our M!X series, with 11 tracks compiled in celebration of this years Lollapalooza--taking place this weekend in our hometown of Chicago.

Hello again, I can’t believe summer is almost over!
At least there’s one positive--it’s finally that time of year again. This will be my 6th straight Lollapalooza excursion, and I could not be more excited. There’s nothing I love more than enjoying my favorite acts under the beautiful Chicago skyline, and this line-up is stacked! My personal schedule includes Deadmau5, Explosions in the Sky, Ratatat, Pretty Lights, Afrojack, Beirut, Phantogram, DFA 1979, even some hip-hop with The Cool Kids and Atmosphere. I could go on…

This months mix is Lollapalooza-themed, with a couple extra goodies. I wanted to try and capture the more “chill” aspects of the weekend, choosing the songs and artists accordingly. All the songs pay homage to the scheduled acts, including remixes by/of the artists. In chronological order of performance, from Feed Me to Deadmau5, I hope to provide you with some relaxing essentials from Lollapalooza. The extra goodies meet the “chill” requirements as well, with sick beats from J. Dilla, Skream’s relaxed, cool summer jam, and a fitting conclusion from hip-hop legends Gang Starr. Because everyone should know your steez.
Enjoy the mix and easy listening.

- - - - -

Stream the M!X on 8tracks and via the above player, download the M!X via the Zip Folder below, or grab a few choice selections from the Tracklist (in blue).

LOOSE L!PS M!X 03 : CREM de la Lolla
Because everyone should know your steez

1. Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix) - Gorillaz
2. El Pico - Ratatat
3. Voices - Phantogram
4. Between Two Points (Jogger Remix) - The Glitch Mob
5. Double Love - Pretty Lights
6. Young G’s (Beirut Remix) - The Notorious B.I.G.
7. One Two - The Cool Kids
8. Brazil - Deadmau5
9. Summer Dreams - Skream
10. Last Donut of the Night - J. Dilla
11. You Know My Steez - Gang Starr

Download All Tracks (Right-Click and Save): Zip Folder

Foreign Language (feat. Jess)

I know a song is really good when I start singing it compulsively, regardless of where I am or wether or not I know the lyrics. Today at work I found myself ad-libbing "nnhhh nhhh nhhh" in place of actual words to the tune of the newest Flight Facilities single, Foreign Language featuring the would-be-infamous(?) Jess. A total ah-ha moment ensued: this song is it. As formidable follow up to their first single, Crave You, Foreign Language is a stellar example of a group living up to their hype, as these Australians (see?!) deliver on their promise of excellent disco-influenced pop. Stream the song below and then be sure to buy it on iTunes--this is one you'll want in your collection.

Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat. Jess by flightfacilities

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Somebody That I Used To Know

Photo by Aimee Brodeur

French, Scandinavians, and Australians : three groups that are pretty untouchable musically. France and the Nordics have been on the radar forever, but Australia has just recently established itself as a breeding ground for talented up and coming musicians; we're currently in the middle of a sort of Australian musical renaissance. (Need examples? Bag Raiders, Cassian, Miami Horror, Flight Facilities, Moonchild, Coupons…I could go on.) While the new crop of Australian talent is winning over clubs, their influential predecessor, experimental songwriter Gotye, is tackling the Sydney Opera House. His new album, entitled Making Mirrors, will be launched as part of Sydney's Graphic Festival, with an orchestra accompanying the performance.

Somebody That I Used To Know is the album's haunting second single, about the ever-painful act of severing ties with a former lover. It features vocals by Kimbra, and an amazing music video to boot. What really sold me though is the remix by fellow Australians RÜFÜS, a three-piece electropop group who look set to do big things. Their debut EP was just released last week on On The Fruit Records, be sure to check it out. (I wrote about them on Binary back in February, check it out if you haven't heard them yet, and be sure to get their debut EP, released just last week on On The Fruit Records) They impart a sense of intensity on the song the original lacked, making it one of the more dynamic irreparable heartbreak I've heard of late. Both versions are pretty indispensable, and serve as exciting examples of the musical status quo down under.

The Remix:
Somebody That I Used To Know (RÜFÜS Re-Edit) - Gotye

The Original:
Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - Gotye

The Video:

Via Ooh Brilliant