Friday, August 26, 2011

Black Cat Balloons

Photo by Zuzana Mitosinkova

After a decade of crafting catchy, dreamy, electro-pop tunes, multi-instrumentalist Marc Bianchi is putting his Her Space Holiday moniker to rest. It's like an undodgeable punch to the gut for those of us who have grown up on his work. Sure, the tattooed, awkward-looking musician hasn't always knocked it out of the park with his releases, but he sure made a dent in my life. I always considered him more of an electronic Super XX Man (Scott Garred of Silver Scooter fame) or even likened Bianchi to Connor Oberst with more bells and whistles. As Her Space Holiday seemingly fades into the sunset, his final release takes us across 10 years of material, even though the tracks are all brand spankin' new.

Black Cat Balloons is exactly how I want to remember Her Space Holiday. It's a pop gem that swells to a marching-like chorus, culminating in something that might make Sufjan eat his heart out. Ultimately, it's great track to bid adeiu to an equally great songwriter. Make sure to pick up Bianchi's self-titled, final record over at Her Space Holiday's bandcamp (did somebody say limited edition vinyl?).

Black Cat Balloons by her space holiday

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Florida Beach Cottages said...

At first I thought "hey, this is a perfect chill out song for those carefree moments." But then, the lyrics threw me off by being a bit too serious. Wonderful song altogether.

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