Monday, August 29, 2011

Kitsuné and The Twelves, Without You

Painting by Michael Gillette

Today is a pretty exciting day. The untouchable Brazilian beatmakers known as The Twelves have mixed the latest Kitsuné Tabloid, and it's out today! As is to be expected, the compilation is nothing short of stupendous, and further establishes the Twelves as one of the most consistent, talented dance acts of our day. They stand ahead of their peers in their ability to craft a groovy disco beat or killer pop hook with equal expertise. This is evident on the compilation, the A-side of which opens with 5 original and remixed tracks, followed by a B-side that commences with Ratatat's Wildcat. A 'dance compilation' that features Ratatat? As an opener? You had me at hello. Be sure to buy the album off the Kitsuné online store if you're in Europe, and grab it on iTunes in America.

As for a preview? Though the entire album is a joy, Track 11 in particular caught my ear. It's a poppy, grooving little excerpt of Without You, by a certain Chaz Jankel. According to Wikipedia, Jankel was a member of The Blockheads, who's success peaked in the mid-70s. Apparently post-rock career he ventured into dance music, and the disco gem Without You was born. Fast forward 20 years later and a young Alan Palomo, member of the Austin, TX based nu-disco outfit Vega, samples the song in the amazing, irresistible, totally fantastic (I could go on) disco pop masterpiece No Reasons. Palomo may have set Vega on the backburner as he turned to focus on his little solo project, Neon Indian (perhaps you've heard of him?), but this song has never stopped being fucking incredible.

No Reasons - Vega * perhaps the best song I will ever post on this blog

Without You - Chaz Jankel

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