Monday, August 1, 2011

Somebody That I Used To Know

Photo by Aimee Brodeur

French, Scandinavians, and Australians : three groups that are pretty untouchable musically. France and the Nordics have been on the radar forever, but Australia has just recently established itself as a breeding ground for talented up and coming musicians; we're currently in the middle of a sort of Australian musical renaissance. (Need examples? Bag Raiders, Cassian, Miami Horror, Flight Facilities, Moonchild, Coupons…I could go on.) While the new crop of Australian talent is winning over clubs, their influential predecessor, experimental songwriter Gotye, is tackling the Sydney Opera House. His new album, entitled Making Mirrors, will be launched as part of Sydney's Graphic Festival, with an orchestra accompanying the performance.

Somebody That I Used To Know is the album's haunting second single, about the ever-painful act of severing ties with a former lover. It features vocals by Kimbra, and an amazing music video to boot. What really sold me though is the remix by fellow Australians RÜFÜS, a three-piece electropop group who look set to do big things. Their debut EP was just released last week on On The Fruit Records, be sure to check it out. (I wrote about them on Binary back in February, check it out if you haven't heard them yet, and be sure to get their debut EP, released just last week on On The Fruit Records) They impart a sense of intensity on the song the original lacked, making it one of the more dynamic irreparable heartbreak I've heard of late. Both versions are pretty indispensable, and serve as exciting examples of the musical status quo down under.

The Remix:
Somebody That I Used To Know (RÜFÜS Re-Edit) - Gotye

The Original:
Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - Gotye

The Video:

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Great song...

Just to throw some names out there that you may or may not have heard of. Tim and Jean, Strange Talk and Gold Fields are all up there in my eyes.

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