Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Argument With Myself

More of a conversation, really

There has always been something special about Jens Lekman. It feels like I’ve listened to the Swede craft his indie pop masterpieces forever, and it’s hard to believe he’s only released two albums. Lekman’s musical career quickly ignited after his homemade CDRs began floating around at blinding speeds – and I can see why. It’s almost impossible not to find the singer-songwriter’s style endearing. Lekman croons like a wedding singer from the ‘50s, but draws on modern-day vocal icons like Stephin Merritt and Morrissey. Songs unfold through extremely witty lyrics, turning into stories of love in the cold, Swedish winter. His first release, 2004’s When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog, continues to keep its place as one of my all-time favorite records. With every song there’s something to be said, and the Swede knows exactly how to say it. Perhaps it’s because he’s got a surprisingly raging inner monologue?

An Argument With Myself, a cut off Lekman’s new similarly titled EP from Secretly Canadian, finds the singer at ends with his greatest critic of all – himself. It’s a schizophrenic, frantic song, but not because of the melody. “Shut up, no you shut up!” exclaims the 30 year old. Just try to not crack a smile as the conflict escalates. It takes a real talent to write a song, but even more so to make one feel so genuine. What Lekman reclaims here in An Argument With Myself is believability. Even though his last record was hailed as his best, 2008’s Night Falls over Kortedala just didn’t do it for me. The music was cool and all but I just didn’t believe anything he said. Fortunately with the new tune, I can truly see our dear friend beating himself up on the side of the street. Listen to An Argument With Myself and see it for yourself. Don’t forget to grab the EP over at Secretly Canadian Records.

An Argument With Myself - Jens Lekman

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