Friday, September 9, 2011

Between the Concrete & the Clouds

Photo by Werner Amann

Brooklyn's Kevin Devine has never quite gotten the credit he deserves. He's been churning out superb solo records since 2002, not to mention his work as frontman of the now-defunct Miracle of '86. The singer-songwriter's foray into a solo career has covered a lot of ground with a lot to sing about - including the death of his father and the ultimate demise of his band. Now, almost a decade later and six full-length records under his belt, Devine still isn't the household name he should be.

Next week's release finds Devine at the top of his game, resulting in some of his best songs to date. Between the Concrete & the Clouds, which happens to be the title track, is in contention for my favorite song of the summer. Devine has once again melded his brooding style of lyrics and verses with poppy, crescendo-laden choruses and bridges. The result is something that feels like you're being ripped apart while listening. As he's often likened to Elliott Smith, although a more upbeat version - I think it's an unfair comparison. Devine himself may cite the late indie-folk legend as a chief influence to his music, but tracks like this are proof the New Yorker is in a world of his own. Listen to Between the Concrete & Clouds and make sure to pre-order the album over at Favorite Gentlemen Recordings.

Between The Concrete & The Clouds - Kevin Devine


cement mixer said...

That is a nice expression in the shot. The subject blends well with the white concrete building.

adjustable wedge inserts said...

What can I say. One great picture it is. The combination of the art and the infrastructure makes it a fantastic photo.

crane hire wa said...

Love the photo. I think the balloon stands out because of the contrast of color.

concrete boom pumps said...

I love how random elements put together actually made something visually pleasing. Person, concrete, balloon, and the sky? Who would've thought.

Louise Clark said...

I think the photo didn't complement the title of Devine's song--Between the Concrete & the Clouds. First, the balloon is more catchy compared to the clouds. Also, in the frame, there's no balance between the concrete and the clouds--it is more of the concrete.


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