Saturday, September 17, 2011


Collage by Ariel Chiesa

A new Twin Shadow track dropped on Thursday. Hallelujah. There's nothing in modern music quite like George Lewis Jr's croon. (That is, at least, until Bowie makes a comeback album.) Lewis' latest endeavor is a cover of the 80's Experimental Italo-Disco group Bagarre. Chris at Gorilla vs Bear was cool enough to forward along a Bagarre EP so I had something to compare the cover with, and all I can say is: wow. That Bagarre album is something else. Bordering the line between "this is really cool" and "I really need to be on drugs", its genius may be debatable but it's a total trip nonetheless. The Twin Shadow covers seem all the more brilliant having heard the originals; his ability to turn experimental disco dissonance into a timely, lively pop gem deserves some serious accolades.

Despite the out-there-nature, do make sure to check out Bagarre's Dirt Love 4'51. It may be a bit dated, but boy does it groove.

Changes - Twin Shadow

Dirty Love 4'51 - Bagarre

[via GvB]

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