Friday, September 30, 2011

Crater (Mogwai Remix)

Photo by Vincent Fournier

It's time for another rare installment of "Russ finds an electronic track he absolutely loves," and I can say that it's more along the lines of enamoured and obsessed than it is love. The subject of this week's endearment is a remix of a Laki Mera song called Crater. The Scottish electronica quartet's track was awesomely improved by fellow Glasgowians and one of my personal favorite bands, Mogwai.

The remix of Crater feels a little less spacey and much more haunting than its breezy, poppy predecessor. The song is easier to get transfixed while listening to, the first half's repeating, low, electronic drone sounds like something that would fit nicely on Mogwai's Mr. Beast. Still, the Scottish rockers left the basic feel of the song the same. Synths still bounce like shooting stars, resulting in something that might make M83's Anthony Gonzalez take note. The slowed down tempo works almost too well with Laki Mera's hypnotic female vocals. Mogwai took an impressive electronic pop track and turned it into something of pure bliss. Give it a listen, especially if you're not normally into electronic music. If you like it, make sure to buy Laki Mera's album The Proximity Effect (No, not the Nada Surf album!), which dropped last May on Just Music in the U.K.

Stream the song below, download the MP3 for free on Laki Mera's FACEBOOK.

Laki Mera - Crater (Mogwai Remix) by Just Music label

And here's the original, for reference
Crater by Laki Mera

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