Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crème de la CREM : Volume 3

Soo it's been a bit more than a month since the epic-ness that was Lollapalooza 2011, and I've been super busy with life.  I'm studying in Paris for the semester, and it hasn't been as easy as I expected.  The whole foreign-culture-different-language thing is quite an experience so far, but I'm making progress.  Anyway, I've been slacking hard on posting, so here are some recent favorites I listen to on the Metro every morning. 

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This month is all about relaxed, catchy instrumentals.

Master and Student - Jogger

Kicking off with the LA duo Jogger, Master and Student shows how experimental electronic can still be catchy and quite melodic.  I also really enjoy their application of the guitar in their music, which is more evident in some of their other songs, especially Nephicide.  

Oyster Dreamland - Pogo

Next, let Pogo take you back to your childhood with one my favorite Disney remixes, Oyster Dreamland.  It's really amazing how he can piece together movie dialogue, music and sound effects to make a song truly representative of the film (in this case, Alice in Wonderland).

Ike's Mood I - Visioneers

Visioneers is a self-proclaimed "studio project" that infuses hip-hop and jazz into their songs.  I love the sound of these guys, do yourself a favor and download their album.  Great reworkings of classic hip-hop including The Pharcyde and Nas.

Gravitas - Little People

Little People is one of my favorites I've come across recently.  Defining himself as downtempo electronic, Little People creates appealing, electronic infused hip-hop beats that I can't stop listening to.  Gravitas is my favorite of his tracks, showcasing his sampling, electronic sounds with a killer drum/piano hook.

Blue Bossanova - Bossanova

Blue Bossanova is an overall phenomenal song.  Don't know much about the band Bossanova other than the hail from Vancouver.  Only one release so far to their name, but I love the guitar work.  Simple and repetitive riff with nice layering, it keeps me coming back again and again. 

Enjoy, I'll be coming back next month with a playlist Francais.   
Au revoir mes amis.

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