Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FM (Tensnake Remix)

Let's leave tonight.

Photo by Lina Scheynius

Question: Does it get much sexier than Junior Boys?
Answer: Not really, no.

Junior Boys played in Dallas tonight. If this was the first you've heard, the bad news is you've missed it. The better news is you're in good company because I missed it too. But even better still: It turns out that not only is their music some of the sexiest on the planet (I know I keep dropping that adjective but there's really none better), it also provides a quality studying soundtrack. So while I sit here figurative-balls deep in the philosophical history of 19th-century Europe, at least my ears are enjoying themselves. Yours will too.

Check out this old but killer Tensnake remix of FM. True to form, it's dark and broody like, with more than a dollop of sexual tension. FM is off their 2006 sophomore--and my favorite--Junior Boys album So This Is Goodbye. They've got a new album out though, and are currently on a huge world tour in support of it. Don't repeat my mistakes, be sure to see them when they come through your city; check dates here.

FM (Tensnake Remix) - Junior Boys

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Nightdrive said...

JB's Miami show was sick. We got to do a little audio interview with Jeremy :)

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