Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hot Thought

Hey White Denim, I'm crushing. You fill that sexy-boys-making-sexy-garage-rock hole in my heart left so empty by the Strokes and all those other mid-naughties bands that are now well past their prime. Secondly, you're from Austin, so I feel some sort of kindred connect. And most importantly, your music is great. It's creative by accessible, the kind that could satisfy the heightened goûts of my snob elitist friends, while being catchy enough for my NPR-indie Dad to like. Hell, I'm even buying him the CD for Christmas. So needless to say I'd be totally ok with bringing you home. What's more, you're impossibly cool in a yeah-we're-trying-but-fuck-if-you-can-tell kind of way. For example, that B-Side you just released, Hot Thought? (It is quite.) It's all so easy breezy. But then what the hell, ya'll throw in some Autotune? I mean who do you think you are, Bon Iver?
But baby, it works.

Hot Thought - White Denim

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Evan said...

Hell ya! I love this band! Got to meet them in LA at the Spaceland, super great people, very nice and down to earth. Not to mention that they shred.

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