Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last Flight

Photo by Ryan McGinley

Are you ready for September 5th? For your mind to be blown in a flurry of synthy, poppy, dancy, groovy, crazy amazingness? Yes? Great; because in five days, Binary Records' Fabian drops his debut album, Say Goodbye. The Guardian hails it as the album most likely to "Put the "oh" in Studio 54", and while I'm way too young to have ever been to the place, on principle I have to agree. Serving as a testament to that is the album's first single, Last Flight. You know that certain type of disco-influenced feel-good pop music I'm absolutely crazy about? Well this is it exemplified; tenfold. I just started school back up a week ago, and every morning on my commute, when I'm tired and hating the world, I put this song on blast. During the duration I'm guaranteed a total 180 mood swing, complete with handclaps and a serious I CAN DO THIS attitude. That is at least, until it ends.

Stream Last Flight below, and buy the single (with a formidable lineup of remixes to boot) HERE.

Also be sure to check out the remix by Justin Faust; so shimmery it can only be called a gem. Justin is currently on a US tour with Fabian as support, check out either of their Facebook pages for date-- you don't want to miss this duo.

And for good measure (and because it's crazy good), here's a free download of the club-ready RESET! remix.

Last Flight (RESET! Remix) - Fabian

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