Tuesday, September 13, 2011

RIP DJ Mehdi

Photo by Karl Hab

News broke this morning that DJ Mehdi, the immensely talented French (via Tunisia) DJ/Producer responsible for some of the most rousing electronic music of our day, not to mention greatest DJ sets, passed away in an accident. Mehdi was one of my favorite musicians and one of the greatest DJ's I've ever had the pleasure of seeing live. He was full of energy, always with a goofy smile plastered on his face, and seems to have been--according to the outpouring by acquaintances in the wake of his death--a stand-up gentleman as well.
Mehdi, you will be missed.

Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit) - DJ Mehdi

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Medhi's family and friends, including his label, Ed Banger Records. Ed Banger embodies a musical 'family' perhaps more so than any collective I've ever come across, and this is no doubt a devastating loss for them. While living in Paris, I couldn't go to a single party or show featuring an Ed Banger artist without seeing the entire crew there to support. They are their own biggest fans, and most importantly each-others' biggest support group, as I'm sure anyone who knows or has seen them live can attest. Our best wishes go out to the label/family who, with last week's release of their Fall 2011 Delivery sampler, looked poised to dominate the dance music scene in the upcoming months. It's regrettable that their impending success be overshadowed by this tragedy, and we wish them strength and the best of luck.

ED REC FALL 2011 DELIVERY by edbangerrecords

P.S. Less than 5 days ago Mehdi released his 'Tunisian Summer Mix' via his blog on Cool Cats. Be sure to download what is regrettably his final mix.

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