Saturday, September 10, 2011

Swimmhaus Johannesburg (Star Slinger Remix)

isn't she precious?

Some facts:
- Swimmhaus Johannesburg is a song by Fixers. (Buy the original here.)
- Fixers are an Oxford-based psychedelic rock band.
- I initially wrote off Fixers based on singer Jack Goldstein's voice.
- It is one those nasal and high-pitched BIlly Corgan/whichever Gallagher sang-esque voices.
- Many people dig that kind of voice. I find it rather grating.
- I do, however, really dig Star Slinger.
- Star Slinger is essentially the MasterChef of remixes.
- Star Slinger remixed Swimmhaus Johannesburg.
- The remix has lots of swirling synths, plucky pseudo-strings, and deeeeep, warm bass.
- It is my new favorite thing.

So much for first impressions.

Swimmhaus Johannesburg (Star Slinger Remix) - Fixers


Bob Morris said...

Girl is a cutie, who is she?

Mikayla said...

haha, no idea. sorry dude

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