Monday, October 17, 2011


Kristian Hammerstad

For today's post, I was debating between a sweet, melodic little indie number or Azealia Banks' ferocious 212. I decided on the latter; why not get this week started with a BANG.

In a word, Azealia Banks is fierce. She samples huge house tracks, snarls obscenities, and oh did I mention, is only 19. I'm tempted throw up the lyrics of this spitfire, stomping number to illustrate my point, but my dad reads this blog and I don't want him to have another aneurism. (Hey Dad, don't download this song.) And besides, I should probably just let this one speak for itself. Azealia doesn't need my (or anyone else's) help to get her point across.

212 - Azealia Banks [MP3]

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