Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I will wake you in the morning.

Theo Gosselin

Believe it or not, there's a certain 'sound' that I try to focus on with this blog. Yeah, sometimes we deviate--we throw in some disco, post-emo (hey Russ), or experimental to keep things interesting, but generally speaking, my goal is to provide you guys with a steady supply of feel-good, melodic pop for the whole family to enjoy. Savoir Adore are a quintessential embodiment of that sound. Their latest single, Dreamers, is about as perfect as it gets in my book. With male-female vocal harmony, electronic accents, sweet and simple lyrics , and a chorus so unabashedly uplifting it deserves one of those hands-in-the-air type moments, Dreamers gives me that incomparable warm and fuzzy feeling that only great pop music can. Here's your daily dose of cliché: I adore Savoir Adore.

The Dreamers 7" is coming out on Neon Gold (who seriously, seriously have this power pop thing in the bag) on 11/11/11. Make a wish.

Dreamers - Savoir Adore [MP3]

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Phil said...

Couldn't agree more with your review! Lol... matter of fact, I was having one of those hands in the air moments just a bit ago listening to it on repeat. :)

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