Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eyes On You

Janelle Dry

Hello everyone and welcome to this month's edition of
"Don't Judge a Band By Its Name."

When I first heard mention of the transatlantic duo Pandr Eyez my immediate reaction was, "not another damn panda band."
It's not that I dislike pandas. As a matter of fact I find them quite adorable. (And please, no one throw out the 'they're actually ferocious" argument because two summers ago I lived in China, and they have reserves whereabouts you can actually pay money to just sit there and HUG a panda. Like, cradle it in your arms and cuddle until you all but die from cuteness. Seriously.) But think about it, how many current acts have 'panda' in their name? A quick search on Hypem reveals: Too fucking many.

But as it turns out, Pandr Eyez are not just another damn panda band. The name is in fact a play on Pander (I think), which is ok in my book. And even if it wasn't, their music is so good that all trespasses made on the account of hackneyed names would have to be forgiven. Read: Pandr Eyez are damn good. In a smooth, R&B meets dubstep meets fuzz meets itty bitty glimmers of pop kind of fashion. But really I should have expected nothing less, this is a Cascine release after all.

Pandr Eyez' debut EP, Eyes On You will be released October 25th (next week!). Keep things groovy until then with this free download of the title track.

Eyes On You - Pandr Eyez [MP3]

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I'm loving it. Really great!!!!!

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