Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Painting by Gene Davis

What's good!
It's my first post on Loose L!ps and I'm geeked.
Instead of boring you with nonsense introductions let's get to it.

The MAKEOVER is two talented (and really nice) dudes from Toronto, Canada. Half the duo is Jeremy Glenn, whose voice and production you'd recognize from the lover's anthem New Life on Future Classic which everyone and their mom is playing. The other half is Todd-Rod Skimmins, and together these guys rock some epic future boogie that must be heard to be believed.

They've just finished their MAKEOVER mixtape: a compilation of TEN (count'em!) re-works/covers of this year's top finalists for Canada's Polaris Music Prize, which is awarded to the best Canadian album of the year (spoiler: Arcade Fire won). If you're in Toronto you can catch them at the MAKEOVER POLARIS MIXTAPE PARTY this Friday - their live show jams out!

[Stream] Austra MAKEOVER
The MAKEOVER - Shoot The Water (Austra MAKEOVER) by The MAKEOVER

[Stream] Arcade Fire MAKEOVER:
The MAKEOVER - Sprawl Y'All (Arcade Fire MAKEOVER) by The MAKEOVER

Tightrope (Janelle Monae MAKEOVER) - The MAKEOVER

Obligatory Self-Introduction: I play records and make a little music. With my label buddy Cyclist (Homebreakin Records shout out) we do a monthly party and mixtape called Daft Funk. If you're dying to know more, like the color of my hair after I shower or my favorite toast spread, click here or here. Or you're in Vancouver, come and catch me opening for Fred Falke and Lifelike this Sunday at the Waldorf and you can hold my hair while I throw up over the toilet at 3:45am.

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