Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nights Like This

Photo by Werner Amann

In case you haven't noticed, I have a soft spot for pop music. OK, more than a spot. More like every piece of me revels in the neon glow of the world's greatest (or at least most accessible) genre. Given that, to say I love Icona Pop would be an understatement. The Swedish girl duo has the over-the-top production, irresistible hooks, and memorable choruses of commercially successful pop music down to a near science. Their Nights Like This EP (which drops October 10) is a tour-de-force of shimmering refrains, sparking cadences, and those stomping percussion. And yet despite the shiny package, it doesn't feel like a guilty pleasure. The songs have enough quirky synthwork and indie sensibilities to hold their own against other 'blog darling' electronica bands. What sets them apart from the former, though, is their sound's mainstream marketability. I'll be pretty flabbergasted if these girls don't end up all over the radio. At the very least, they deserve it.

Case in Point:
Nights Like This by Icona Pop

And if you're the type that needs visual proof as well, check out their just-released video for their single Sun Goes Down, produced with help from The Knocks.

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