Thursday, October 27, 2011

Verdis Quo

Takun Williams

FINALLY! I've been waiting for this day for a long long time, much akin to how I felt in regards to the Monsieur Adi song we posted a few weeks back. Today finally marks the official release of Cat Covers Vol. 1, a project started by Angel Riba, known professionally as CatComplex. Riba sought to promote the musical talent of his native Barcelona by providing them with an outlet through which they could showcase their skill. Cat Covers Vol. 1 is the result of this. It sees 13 artists re-interpreting Daft Punk's classic Discovery, to various degrees of success.

The Amplid cover of Veridis Quo (spelled Verdis Quo on the tracklist--not sure if this is a typo or intentional) is by far and away the best track on the album, and by extension possibly one of the best tracks of the year. The Amplid take one of Daft Punk's most subtle songs and mercilessly throttle it. Using the original piece as a reference rather than a template, the Amplid turn the track up to 11 (dare I say 12), and transform it into a commanding, stomping, electro tour-de-force. This is, quite simply, an absolute banger. Whereas many of the covers on the CD fall short, with this reinterpretation the Amplid prove that they alone could carry the future of the Barcelona music scene on their backs. It is that good.

The entire Cat Covers album is being graciously offered for free download here. Get the Amplid track below, and be sure to download the rest of the CD, it's worth the space on your hard drive. Viva Barcelona.

Verdis Quo (Daft Punk Cover) - The Amplid [MP3]

*Big thanks to the boys at Tracasseur who sent us these tracks (and the Adi one, for that matter) way back when. They're killer, be sure to show some love.

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