Monday, December 3, 2012

Sweetness Alive

Our dude Goldroom is back with another practically perfect piece of dreamy electric pop. This time he enlisted the help of Swedish/Australian (what a combo) twins St. Lou Lou, who contributed vocals and vibes. It's called Sweetness Alive, and sweet it is. The girls' voices breeze above sun-kissed synth work, evoking lazy days in love. The only time I ever want to move to LA is when I hear a Goldroom original. Supposedly his songs draw inspiration from his hometown and the LA way of life, and if thats true it really does sound like the best coast.

Stream Sweetness Alive below, and buy it if you like it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I'm in love with your girlfriend

Earlier a friend and I entered into a brief discussion about our ideal modern music landscape. We agreed that today there is a decidedly lacking middle ground between 'blog-buzzed' type tracks, deep cuts, and pounding, stadium-sized EDM. What we need more of is some indie dance - that genre that first developed in the mid 2000's in which traditional instruments and synthesizers lived in symbiotic harmony, and songs were vocally driven yet punchy and well-produced. But I'm not too worried, as though output of this type is less than the past, the indie dance flame is still stoked by such labels as Australia's Future Classic, NYC's Neon Gold, and France's Kitsuné (AKA my favorites).

A band currently carrying the proverbial torch is London's Citizens! They're a five-piece with nary a computer in sight, yet their songs get the girls [me] dancing. Think early Franz Ferdinand - their album was produced by Alex Kapranos after all - with some Elefant (anyone remember them?). A month ago I had the opportunity to see them live, and while I went into the show with no expectations, I came out with that post-show euphoria brought on only by a band that's got it all: charisma, energy, and good old talent.

Grab two singles (one remix) so good they may cause spontaneous dancing fits, and then be sure to buy Citizens!' debut album here.

Girlfriend - Citizens!

True Romance (Gildas Remix) - Citizens!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So Destroyed (Mark McGuire Remix)

I'm not much into Prince Rama. Essentially they sound like every other overhyped psychedelic chillwave beachfuzz band: their vocals and musicianship aren't strong enough to stand alone, so they fill in the cracks with a heaping scoop of impenetrable reverb, all the while promoting a public image that pits them as "unorthodox" or "enigmatic." They irk me in the way Lady Gaga irks me, in that it seems that they try to be weird solely for the sake of being weird. The thing is, at the end of the day it just looks like they're trying too hard. Ok Prince Rama, so your parents moved you to a Hare Krishna commune when you were in high school…do we really need to hear about it in every interview? I think we get it - the rest of us have daddy issues too.

But enough about that. I shouldn't give them too much grief seeing as I've been playing one of their songs on repeat all day. It's not exactly a cut off their album -rather Mark McGuire swooped in to save the day. Mark McGuire is quite the super[music]man - every bit of musicianship and integrity the Larson sisters lack McGuire embodies tenfold. He's put his magic touch to their single So Destroyed, in which they channeled some sort of post-apocalyptic post-punk band (which I guess would actually make them post-post-punk and thus of the most elite genre the universe has ever seen), by adding swirling synths and a deep-space bass to take the song to cosmic, truly far-out heights.

Emeralds, the excellent band for which McGuire plays guitar, put out an album in early November. The holidays are coming: buy it now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


You know that age-old idea that when it comes to the arts - music, paintings, dance - the French do it better? Well it's mostly true. Take C2C, for example. Hailing from Nantes with a rap and jazz-influenced electro background, when it comes to DJ collectives they've upped the ante in nearly every category:

1. They're not just DJ's, they're turntablists. That means that unlike your all too common Serato 'DJ's, they don't just have turntables for show, they actually use them as instruments.

2. They aren't your typical DJ duo, but rather a foursome: Talent, squared.

3. They're the best at what they do: they won the DMC world championship (the ultimate prize for anyone interested in scratching) four years in a row.

Still not convinced? Have a listen to Delta, the first single off their debut album Tetra, which was released in December after 15 years in the making. And if that still doesn't get you going (or you just want more), check out this video of their live DJing set, and realize why anyone DJing with a computer isn't going to cut it anymore.

Delta - C2C

Happy (feat. Derek Martin) - C2C

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Because you heard it on the radio, doesn't make it beautiful.

Have you ever thought that your feelings would best be expressed in a monologue from the made-for-TV movie Sybil, starring a young miss Sally Field as a woman with multiple personality disorder?

Yeah me neither. But I have often felt that my feelings would best be expressed in song. You know which scenario I've always wished I had a song for? When old people ask what type of music I listen to, and when I subsequently tell them, why I don't like top-40 type tunes. Well, old people, this holiday season (during which we are bound to have such an exchange) I have an answer for you, and it would be best expressed in the song Radio from would-be pop darlings, Mansions On The Moon. With their flawless choruses and expert hooks, this band has all the necessary criteria for pop superstardom. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if one day they too were in the Top 40, but until that day comes, Radio will serve as somewhat of an indie anthem; harkening to early M83 and a synthesizer-backed Rogue Wave.

Mansions On The Moon just announced they'll be playing a show in Chicago at Bottom Lounge on December 13. Follow our Twitter or Facebook (or both!) for more information as we get it.

Radio - Mansions On The Moon

Monday, November 19, 2012


Marlon Geller

A lot of my blogging compatriots seem to be jumping the gun a bit and already compiling their Year-End 'Best' lists, which is the blogging equivalent of putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween. Meh.
That said, I totally already know what my number one album of 2012 is. This was not a very hard decision considering I've only listened to about three full albums this entire year. But after hearing Two Door Cinema Club's Beacon, I didn't feel the need to look further. No, it's not the most creative album to come out this year. Nor is it the most intricate. Nor is it the most talked-about. But it makes me happy. Like, sing-along-every-time-at-full-volume happy. And since no other song, album, or commercial jingle has elicited that type of response this year, it's won 2012 by default. (And by being really, really awesome.)

Today, Kitsune released the eponymous Sun EP featuring the second single off the album as well as a host of remixes by who's-who type producers. The brilliant original - arguably the happiest song on the album - gets the rave treatment from France's Fred Falke, resulting in the type of track that makes you reminisce about your pill-popping days. Or your pill-popping last weekend.

Stream both versions below, then buy the EP here, and LL's Best Album of 2012 here.

Sun - Two Door Cinema Club

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweater Weather

It's too cold for you here and now
So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater.

Jennilee Marigomen

After four years of Southern living, I recently moved back to Chicago to pursue funemployment. While it all sounded great in theory (ok in practice its not so bad either), I forgot one critical detail. It is freezing here. I mean soul-crushingly cold. And this is only the beginning: it gets much, much worse. While there will soon come a time when I only listen to music containing steel drums in hopes of trying to remember what warmth and happiness feels like, right now I'm trying to embrace the climate and tell myself that all the best outfits are layered. Enter: The Neighbourhood. Though you may be thrown off by the UK-styled moniker via an extra 'u', the band actually hails from California, a place that will never understand the icy throttle of -20 degree wind chill. Nonetheless, they've written a pretty convincing - and outrageously catchy - song about Sweater Weather. No, its not an entire song about my weekend forecast. Rather, they've capitalized on it for flirting purposes. After all, "You cold? Here, put your hands in my sweater" is more or less the ultimate cuffing season pick up line. Hey, works on me every time.

Grab the song below, and then purchase August's I'm Sorry EP.

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clair de Lune

I could wax fanatic on the genius of Flight Facilities until I exceeded my bandwidth, but if you've ever heard their music (and you had better), there's really nothing more I need say that you don't already know.

At the end of the summer the boys announced they had signed with New York's illustrious Glassnote Records, joining the likes of Phoenix, Mumford & Sons, and Childish Gambino. Their first single with the label, Clair de Lune was released last week, followed by the music video earlier today. The song marks somewhat of a sonic departure for the duo, known for their hooky disco-pop, and sees them trading in funky bass and big choruses for swirling synths and ethereal vocals. But don't let that deter you. The seven-minute single (with no radio edit in sight) is a grower. It's one such a song that sneakily embeds itself into your subconscious - one you catch yourself singing without even thinking, at which point you have to immediately rush to your computer to find. The accompanying video, also clocking in at 7+ minutes, is a beautifully shot little story. Complete with - you guessed it - a 'pensively driving through a valley' montage.

Stream the single and video below, then buy it on iTunes.

Monday, November 12, 2012


I feel too little and think too much.


I have a horrible habit: I tend to over-think.
Sound familiar? While I'm no expert, I'd venture to say its a near-universal plight of our current generation. How can over-thinking be avoided what with the countless streams of news and visuals and useless [as well as useful] information being thrown at us from all directions, at all times, by the click of a mouse or the push of a button? It seems that in the modern age we're expected to be at 110%, one hundred and ten percent of the time. And if taking a minute to decompress has become a luxury now, think about how much therapy our children are going to need in 30 years. But I digress.

The thing about over-thinking is, often it can jar your conscious to a screeching halt - like when you have so many windows open that eventually the rainbow wheel of doom appears and everything freezes up: your mac can't take it anymore. This happened to me in regards to LOOSE L!PS. I revamped a bit (can you tell?), got lazy, got busy, and suddenly it had been so long since I posted that instead of just picking up I froze; stuck wringing my proverbial hands worrying that I was too far behind and thus irrelevant. But then I remembered that not only am I my own editor, I'm my own webmaster. And seeing as I don't make any money from this venture, what the hell.

Moral of this story: Lets all get out of our own heads and take a minute to mull on some Beat Connection instead.

Think/Feel - Beat Connection

[Update] Sometimes I think I may be music-psychic. Hours after this post was up, the official music video (unexpectedly) dropped. Check it out:

Friday, September 14, 2012


Siggi Eggertsson

I promised more mixtapes, didn't I? A bit about this one:

I am on a perpetual conquest to indoctrinate my friends into the world of indie rock and electronica, to varied results. I've found that usually most successful way of doing this is to make a mixtape for them, burn it to a disc, and tell them to put it in their car stereo. That way, when their iPhone only has 5% battery left they'll have no choice but to play the CD (because ANYTHING is better than putting on the radio). Recently this method has found some success with my best friend Deana, who has even requested more tapes since the initial few.

This weekend is Deana's birthday and thus, this mixtape was born. While it's meant to celebrate her big day, it's also perfect for any and all kinds of weekend shenanigans. It's a playful lot of songs with stomping beats, sing-alongable vocal lines, and some seriously sexy bass play. Get ready to party.

- - - - -

LOOSE L!PS M!X: Dirty D from LOOSE L!PS on 8tracks Radio.

Stream the M!X on 8tracks and via the above player.
(If you download the 8tracks app you can listen on the go!)
Sorry, no comprehensive ZIP folder this time,
but feel free to download the tracks in blue!


1. Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix) - Cut Copy
2. Now Now Now (The C90s Remix) - The Penelopes
3. Twist (Jerry Bouthier Edit) - Peter & The Magician
4. Seven (The Twelves Remix) - Fever Ray
5. How Come You Never Go There (Clock Opera Remix) - Feist
6. Trojans (Lenno Remix) - Atlas Genius
7. Chateau (Hey Champ Remix) - Housse De Racket
8. Without Lies (Breakbot Remix) - Aeroplane
9. Move In The Right Direction (Classixx Remix) - The Gossip
10. I Met You - Anna Lunoe & Flume
11. Breathe (Télépopmusik Cover) - New Navy
12. Geronimo (Louis La Roche Remix) - The Knocks & Fred Falke
13. I'll Get You (Gigamesh Remix) - Classixx
14. Last Words (The C90s Remix) - Clubfeet

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Alexandra Valenti

Keeping on with today's Australian trend, we have RÜFÜS, who we've featured only briefly before, but love. RÜFÜS are from Sydney (like, who isn't?), and apparently one member is a friend of a friend's ex-boyfriend so like, small world huh? I wonder how Kevin Bacon plays into this.

RÜFÜS are coming up in a big way, after forming a mere two years ago, they recently released their second, self-titled 8-track EP. [Dudes why wouldn't you just get two more songs and do a full-length?!] It blends spaced out synths with crooning, often almost gloomy vocals and the kind of pop hook that only those from down under seem to know how to master. They are now embarking on an Australian tour before heading to the states for some CMJ action. They're hoping to score a couple more shows while here in the US, so if you like what you hear, call your best promoter friend (be honest, everyone has one) and demand they be added to a bill or two.

Listen to their single Selena below, and prepare to fall in love too.

Bonus: A remix of their last single, This Summer
This Summer (RÜFÜS Remix) - RÜFÜS

Double Bonus: Their older We Left - a personal all-time favorite.
We Left - RÜFÜS

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I Met You

Christy Lee Rogers

Today in the most recent installment of our perpetual "Why Australians, Scadinavians, and French people make better music than you" series, we feature the talents of Anna Lunoe and Flume, two young Australians making names for themselves - both as solo artists and collaborators - in the world of electronic dance music and pop. I Met You sees the duo joining forces for the first time, melding Lunoe's vocals and disco sensibilities with Flume's (who is only 20 years old) stuttering syncopation and lush production style. Let's just say, one would hope this isn't the last time these two team up. I Met You is (was?) probably my song of the summer, with its breezy vibe capturing my laid-back mindset, and the grooving bridges psyching me up for steaming nights. If I didn't know better, I'd say this song will even carry me into fall if I'm not careful.

Which I have no intention of being.

Stream the single below, out now on the illustrious Future Classic, and buy the mp3 before the leaves start falling. Also check out the music video below. I'm not usually a fan of videos, but this one pushes all the right buttons.

Anna Lunoe & Flume - I Met You from Future Classic on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trembling Hands

Alison Scarpulla

At some point in recent history, a certain in-the-know publication hailed The Temper Trap as the most important band to come out of Australia in the past decade. While I can't qualify that statement as I haven't heard every modem Australian band, I can tell you that they are undeniably talented, and prettttty catchy. Recently they've returned to the world stage with the release of their sophomore, self-titled LP. Trembling Hands is the first single off the album, and here gets the remix treatment by fellow Aussies - and one of LL's Bands To Watch - Strange Talk. Though there are a couple awkward beat progressions, the stomping bass lends a sense of urgency to the otherwise rather rueful piece.

Buy The Temper Trap // Temper Trap Soundcloud // Strange Talk Soundcloud

Trembling Hands (Strange Talk Remix) - The Temper Trap

Bonus: An old, and truly amazing, remix of their hit Love Lost by Holland's Keljet. It's one of my all-time favorites; don't spend another minute missing out.

Love Lost (Keljet Remix) - The Temper Trap

Friday, August 31, 2012

Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix)

Don't you ever go away.

Justin McAllister

Earlier this week, in what was perhaps the greatest marketing pitch ever, I was sent this track--Moon Boots' remix of Alison Valentine's Peanut Butter. (See, sometimes I do pay attention to new releases!) At first I was all "meh." But then as fate would have it, it popped up on my shuffle a couple times. Now I'm all "a-meh-zing." Just work with me here. Moon Boots focuses on a tasteful, simple arrangement, with Valentine's chopped vocals supplying a weaving, breezy melody. Further proof that good electronic songs don't need sirens and huge breakdowns to be interesting, David Guetta.

Moon Boots is signed to our BFF label, FRENCH EXPRESS. He's got a lot of free tracks up on his Soundcloud, so check it out.

Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix) - Alison Valentine

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Your Drums, Your Love

I am treading water for your love

If you haven't noticed, bloggers are super nerds. In that, they get their kicks from rather uncommon, even questionable, sources. Normal people shouldn't care about bounce rates. So if your pulse has ever risen due to a Google Analytics statistic, you can consider yourself a nerd too. A thing that tickles music bloggers in particular is one when of their "pet bands" -- that is bands they've been championing since the baby stages of their career -- make it big. AlunaGeorge are one of my pet bands, and I have reason to be pretty giddy about that.

We first posted on the British electronic pop duo in Feburary 2011, when they had nary a Hype Machine mention; just some solid demos and a well-designed site. Their banging single Make No Mistake became a springtime anthem for myself and whichever girlfriends I could convince to have a listen. Fast forward 18 months, and AlunaGeorge have broken the surface of today's murky music waters, having been featured everywhere from Pitchfork to Annie Mac's radio show. Their unique blend of warped, now-shuffling-now-stomping electro pitched with almost childlike female vocals has found its stride, and the duo are set to release their new EP, Your Drums, Your Love October 7th, which they'll support with a headlining tour. We never doubted they'd be big.

Stream Your Drums, Your Love, and download a stellar breakbeat-influenced N55 remix of Put Your Hands Up

Your Drums, Your Love by AlunaGeorge

Put Your Hands Up (N55 Hi Emotions Remix) - AlunaGeorge

Monday, July 30, 2012

California Dames

Let's talk about local music.
Do you ever feel like you're obligated to support local music even though the scene really sucks? [Or to be PC, isn't quite your cup of tea?] It's one thing to support local venues, especially the independent ones; that's kind of a no-brainer. But adhering to the ethos that just because a band exists in your city/town, you have to like it? I don't follow. I feel this way in large part regarding the Dallas/Fort Worth scene. I get imbued with "SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC" messages every time I step into a nearby coffee shop, or check Facebook. I would like to support the little guys, really I would…but I don't support shit. So there's that.

Thank god we have Sundress. Sundress are from Denton, Texas' "little Austin," and they're one of the few local acts that I've been following - and enjoying - for some time. Now that they've put out their official debut 7", and are getting some national attention, it's probably a good time to stop being an asshole and start actively supporting these guys. After all, they are insanely likable. Their sound is shoegaze of the best sort, twinged with garage-derived reverb and a beachy listlessness. If you're the type that prefers pigeon-hole genres, I'd call it "lake boathouse whilst smoking a j" rock. Yes. That's totally it. In other words, it's pretty hard not to get on with.

Download their first single below, and if you're the vinyl sort, go order it on White Iris. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows, and support local music!

California Dames - Sundress

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LOOSE L!PS M!X: Summer Sun

Photo by Benjamin Evans

Because I've been unintentionally neglecting LOOSE L!PS a bit, I'm going to try to make up for lost time and missed music with a couple mixtapes. In the days when mixtapes graced this page fairly regularly, they were known as M!Xes. We'll stick with that.

Today's M!X is called Summer Sun, because I worship at the altar of alliteration and am horrible at unique titles. It's supposed to be played at any time in the summer…sun. 24/7 preferably. It's perfect for pool parties, driving around with the top down, or backyard BBQs. I wouldn't really recommend it for lovemaking, but am also assuming you don't get down on your lawn in broad day light. (though if you do, props.)

- - - - -

M!X: Summer Sun from LOOSE L!PS on 8tracks.

Stream the M!X on 8tracks and via the above player, download the M!X via the Zip Folder below, or grab a few choice selections from the Tracklist (in blue).

LOOSE L!PS M!X: Summer Sun

1. Sur La Planche - La Femme

2. Goldmine - Colleen Green

3. Royal Oats - Emil & Friends

4. Hidden - Erika Spring

5. Spring Break Up - Tacocat

6. Afria Talks To You - Delicate Steve

7. I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now - TV Girl

8. This Head I Hold - Electric Guest

9. Missing You (feat. Ad-Apt) - Louis La Roche

10. Hands (Goldroom Remix) - Alpine

11. Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix) - St. Lucia

12. Getaway Tonight - Opossom

Download Entire Playlist Via This: ZIP Folder

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Erik Mowinckel

We've already established that Goldroom is awesome, right? Just a year ago he was borne on the waves of the pacific ocean like the goddess Aphrodite, carried to the shores of Malibu by a giant clam, compelled to bring to the world the light and love of…discobalearichouseambienttropical beach pop. Fact.
Despite being released this past winter, his remix of Melbourne outfit Apline's grooving Hands has somehow made its way on to every summer mix I've made thus far. His rendition is so infectious, so perfect, that even the most hardened of electro dissenters fall under its spell.

Alpine - Hands (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

And if that weren't enough (it wasn't), Goldroom's remix of Shelby Grey's Wild Youth was released just today. It's an upbeat, sunny number, perfect for that apartment pool party you're having. The remix is a part of the Wild Youth Remix EP, released by Holographic People, a label that we haven't given enough love in the past. That will change. It's a boutique dream pop (think songs akin to the Drive soundtrack) label with some pretty impressive acts given its size. It's run by a Swedish girl who now lives in Barcelona, which basically means she has the best life ever.

Shelby Grey - Wild Youth (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

Be sure to buy both tracks, and in the meantime tease yourself with this original: Hands - Alpine

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Now you know when believing is hard but you go now
And you feel what you drag across the floor

Lukasz Wierzbowski

In case anyone missed the news, The Tallest Man On Earth released a new album just a week ago. For those of you unfamiliar with The Man, he's a singer-songwriter type, whose folky style, voice, and effusive lyrics harken heavily to a certain Bob Dylan. Now, I'm not crazy about Bob Dylan...
But I am crazy about Swedes.

Kristian Matsson has the good excellent fortune of being Swedish, though you would never guess upon first (or second, or third) listen. He does Americana better than most native musicians, weaving emotive and poetic lyrics with simple instrumentation, often accompanied by a sole acoustic guitar. While his earlier albums drew heavy vocal comparisons to the aforementioned Dylan, I find Matsson's voice considerably more listenable; his tone isn't nearly as nasal. His latest album, There's No Leaving Now marks an expanse of his style, with the introduction of multitracking. Don't expect massive arrangements, rather he toys with subtle instrumentation. But as first single 1904 demonstrates, while his style may be shifting some, his themes and lyrical prowess remain the same.

Download 1904, buy There's No Leaving Now here, and be sure to catch Matsson live in Dallas (or your city) on August 29th.

1904 - The Tallest Man On Earth

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Chief

Get up, Stand up, Chin Up

Sophie Tajan

Whenever I hear the word "Wildcat" in relation to music, I always think of this.
But Wildcat! Wildcat! are completely unrelated to Ratatat, except perhaps in their shared musicality. While Wildcat! Wildcat! are stylistically different from Ratatat, the former leading towards the "pop" side of the indie-electro spectrum with the latter leaning towards the "rock", both groups share a knack for near-flawless song construction, and the ability to craft an unforgettable hook.

Wildcat! Wildcat! are actually three guys from LA, who make falsetto-topped music that sounds like what you'd get if you threw a bunch MGMT, Passion Pit, and Local Natives vinyls in a fire, melted them together, trimmed the fat, and stuck the result on the record player you bought at Urban Outfitters. If someone were to ask me today to play them a song that exemplified the "indie-electro genre"--if we are to admit there is such a thing--anything by Wildcat! Wildcat! would do the trick. The beauty in these songs is that while the formula feels familiar, the execution and production are so sublimely symbiotic that they don't feel trite. The band doesn't indulge in a single excessive note or beat; every refrain, every sax solo, every "woop" has a purpose, keeping every song to the pop-perfected formula of just around 3 minutes in length. All they need is one of those right time right place situations, and these guys could/should/will probably blow up.

The Chief was just released this week. Stream it, download it, love it.
The Chief - Wildcat! Wildcat!
Bonus: Mr. Quiche - Wildcat! Wildcat!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Heart Beats

Ryan McGinley

I think I've made it known that, generally speaking, I am not a fan of all-girl bands. Obviously there are notable exceptions, but the whole man hating thing gets old, fast. Feminism in music is fine, but bitterness doesn't look good on anyone. But guess what? Despite what the name may suggest (or at least, what I assumed upon seeing it), Veronica Falls are NOT a girl band. Yes they have a female lead vocalist, but they also have a male lead vocalist. If this isn't true equality--the apex of feminism--I don't know what is. And the best part is, they're pretty great

Though I discovered them rather late in the game (their self-titled debut album came out towards the end of last year), they hit my stereo just in time to serve as perfect, upbeat, sunny day rock. Veronica Falls are from England, which shouldn't come as any surprise, as they inhabit that never-gets-old poppy yet stomping indie rock niche their country's musicians perfected. Take My Heart Beats as a prime example. It could very well be a Belle & Sebastian song, but a glossy new proverbial coat of paint packages it for the younger set, and it passes as something fresh. While Veronica Falls owe a nod to the past, their future's looking bright.

My Heart Beats - Veronica Falls

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1 Out Of 2

Breakbot is back. It's not that he ever really left (thank goodness), but he spent a considerable amount of time focusing on releasing remixes rather than original material. But just this week, he released his third EP of original material, 1 out of 2. Like his unforgettable first single, Baby I'm Yours, the EP's title track also features French vocalist Irfane, who adds a touch of class with his smooth croon. And like his first single, this one is also pretty close to perfect.

As an on-point Viceroy tweeted, "Breakbot is the electronic Elton John." By this I assume he means that Breakbot can do no wrong (I mean can you really think of a terrible Elton John song?), in which case, I agree wholeheartedly. Sure he's an electronic artist, and French no less, but Breakbot's style transcends genres, which has allowed him to create some of the best pop songs of the past decade. Not convinced? Time will tell.

1 Out Of 2 was released Monday, in Europe [buy it here]. Still waiting on that US release… Until then, stream the dancey Oliver remix below, and head over to our Facebook page to hear the original.

Breakbot - One Out Of Two (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Afria Talks To You

Eric Cahan

Delicate Steve's reputation precedes him. Described in a now-famous press release as a "hydro-electric Mothra rising from the ashes of an African village burned to the ground by post-rock minotaurs" (you should really read this entire thing), one expects nothing but excellence. While he's not quite "My Bloody Valentine, minus the guitars", his music is something special. For starters it's all instrumental, but without being boring. It's like if Ratatat decided to strip down their sound after their second album and focused on simplicity and sensibility, instead of pumping so much production and layers into some pieces that they leaned towards being disingenuous. Not Steve. Steve, as shown in the jamming, fretting, Afria Talks To You, focuses on substance over style. The man proves that you don't need top of the line studios to create great tracks. And sometimes even, the tracks made in bedrooms are better.

Delicate Steve's two LPs are available on his bandcamp, and his third is to be released any day now. He and his band are currently on tour, so check to see if he's coming through your city.

Afria Talks To You - Delicate Steve

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spring Break-Up

Things fall apart, sometimes right from the start
Its sad but true, it's not me - its you

Do you know what's better mood music than a spitting pop punk song about getting over a stupid boy when you yourself are currently in the throws of getting over a stupid boy? I'll tell you: Nothing.

By this point, I'm over the boy (did that just get way deep?), but Spring Break-Upremains a go-to pick-me-up. It's written by TacocaT, who not only have a totally awesome name but they're also from Seattle, my hometown! (Go Thunder.) They're an almost-all-girl group comprised of three adorable ladies and one tall dude with a lot of hair. They describe their sound as "Kurt Meets Courtney," but I don't think they're doing themselves justice; who really wants to associate themselves with Love these days? Besides, their sound is much more pop influenced than the above artists. If anything, I'd say they're the grit of Pretty Girls Make Graves (also from Seattle) meets the pop craftsmanship of Best Coast. A.K.A. They're pretty badass.

Check out Spring Break-Up below and pound out your broken heart via some serious car air-drumming. Then head to their bandcamp and buy some more music.

Spring Break-Up - TacocaT

Monday, June 4, 2012

We Got It Wrong

It's no secret that I've been seriously lagging in my posting, and thus some well-deserving groups have been grievously under-shared with y'all. One such group is New York's St. Lucia. There was a lot of buzz surrounding these guys in early 2012. Of course because of this I did my best to ignore them as long as possible (because i still like to fancy myself an elitist prick at times). Eventually it was impossible, and I jumped on the buzzwagon. Now--because I like to tell kid myself this is your only source of music news--you can too!

First up we have We Got It Wrong, released late last year, and remixed to heaven and back this past winter. My favorite version is still the original, however. It's a commanding piece of electronic-backed pop, with layered male/female vocals (my kryptonite), bombastic drums, and a really stupid awesome bass line. All these elements harken to early M83, you know, the good old days, when eeh still ahd zee accent.

Their debut EP was released early March. If you liked this preview, buy it now.

We Got It Wrong - St. Lucia

Bonus: A remix of their song Closer Than This by California's Viceroy, who despite being a relative newcomer has been dishing up a slew of pretty impressive works of late.

Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix) - St. Lucia

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getaway Tonight

Gracie Magee

Herro. Remember us?
If you don't, allow me to jar your memory with some pretty stellar music. Which, really, is the only kind of music we feature.

Opossom are Kiwis. And by that I mean they're from New Zealand. Other than that, I haven't been able to garner much about the bend except that their debut album, Electric Hawaii (what a title), is being released tomorrow. They classify themselves as a combination of garage, pop, psychedelic, and R&B, which I'd say is actually a pretty accurate description. Take their single Getaway Tonight as an example. What starts as fuzzy garage rock propelled by galloping drums breaks into unexpected vocal syncopation, giving the song a poppy uplift and taking it from 'standard' to 'memorable'. Its a styling reminiscent to the sounds of Discovery, may they rest in peace. And with a superlative like that, this song definitely has the chance to become a summer standard.

Check out Getaway Tonight below, and be sure to buy their album in its entirety when it comes out tomorrow. Also head to their bandcamp for more previews and free songs.

Getaway Tonight - Opossom

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Gabriel you've gone too far,
and you should hang your head in shame,
for these wounds I cannot stay.
You've gone too far, you broke my heart.

Ethan Stiefel & Gillian Murphy in Swan Lake

Finally, I get to talk about my 12th-favorite song of last year. It missed my Top 11 of 2011 list by just a hair, and while it killed me to leave it off, I was a slave to the system. But now it's getting a new opportunity to shine. Joe Goddard's (of Hot Chip fame) Gabriel is a haunting, minimalist electronic piece driven by the powerful vocals of London singer Valentina, lamenting love and betrayal. I swear it has some Judeo-Christian undertones - though I can't find a review that mentions them, so maybe I'm alone in this belief.

The Gabriel EP, featuring the single and dub versions, was released back in August, but it's gotten a facelift for the new year. Thanks to Nashville Nights I learned that The Gabriel Remixes 2 EP was released on April 2nd, featuring new remixes by The Aston Shuffle, D&B artist Calibre, and the fabulous Soulwax. Because nothing that Soulwax does should be overlooked, I'm providing it here for you to stream, though you should be sure to check out the whole EP, and buy it on iTunes.

The Original Edit
Joe Goddard (featuring Valentina) - Gabriel by DFA Records

The Soulwax Remix
Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel (Soulwax remix) by Greco-Roman

Friday, March 30, 2012

The National Health

I wouldn't bet my life that things will change tomorrow.

Theo Gosselin

Maximo Park - blast from the past and the band that cultivated my love for thick UK accents - put up a stream of their new single a few days ago.
This is awesome because:

a) it doesn't suck
b) it's far better than any single off their last album
c) it marks a return back to the punchy, exuberantly angsty post-punk that captivated everyone on their first album, but which all but lost over the course of the next two
d) despite the 3 year lapse between albums, Paul Smith still sounds impossibly sexy

The National Health is the title track to their new album, slated to be released June 11. Stream it below, and if you like it be sure to pre-order the full album on their site.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Youth (Pyramid Remix)

Rarely do I give a LOOSE L!P ST!CK (our somewhat-regularly-updated current ear worm, located in the left hand column <<< ) a post of its own, but this one really deserves it. For starters, the song in question, by UK newcomer Foxes, has been remixed by LOOSE L!PS' favorite, Pyramid. Secondly, turns out Foxes is signed to one of our label crushes, Neon Gold. I wasn't surprised to learn that, given that her small repertoire completely encapsulates the accessible and energetic indie pop the label is so well known for.

Pyramid, who's career we've been watching closely, continues to grow and evolve with ever-shifting styles. This time he adds a pulsating electro touch to the song, Youth, rendering it markedly more powerful and insanely catchy.

Youth (Pyramid Remix) - Foxes

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Friday, March 23, 2012


David Wilson

It's [FINALLY] the weekend, so here's a banger.
Though the stream of Jacques Lu Cont's MASSIVE Church came out about a month ago, Lu Cont (aka The Thin White Duke, aka Stuart Price) just released the full, glorious 320 version available for download via his Facebook page, assumedly in anticipation of his US tour.

While you may be unfamiliar with the Lu Cont moniker, Mr. Stuart Price is no newcomer to the music scene, and his expertise is more than evident in this particular track. He's a 3-time Grammy winner, having produced for such acts as Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Take That, The Killers, Seal, and Keane. Clearly, Price knows a thing or two about pop production, but don't think he's limited to it. As Church so powerfully demonstrates, he is also capable of busting out full-throttle bangers, the kind that could immediately fill an empty dance floor and leave you screaming for more.
And per my firm belief that we need more Latin in popular music, I tip my hat to you, Lu Cont.

Preview the 128k version below, and go get the club-crunching full 320 over at his Facebook page. Immediately.

Church - Jacques Lu Cont

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Randy P. Martin

You didn't really think I'd finished our SXSW wrap-up without mentioning LOOSE L!PS favorite (and new BFF) Conner Youngblood, did you? I just figured I'd give him his own post, cause he's such a great guy and all.

But really, last Thursday was the first chance I'd had to catch the Dallas native live, and it was quite a treat. With a mixer and sampler set up before him on an ironing board, and a guitar slung around his shoulder, Connor delighted the assembled audience with his sweet voice and memorable melodies. This was another SXSW act that sounds exactly like his recordings--no easy feat considering the amount of vocal and electronic effects so often added to modern music. This was Youngblood's first SX, expect many more to come. Check out his latest single, Australia, and be sure to download his Sketches mixtape, which he self-released last month on Soundcloud.

Australia - Conner Youngblood

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SXSW Roundup

Missy Prince

I just got back from my first SXSW, and I'm not sure I will ever be the same. At least, my liver won't. But really, it was my heaven--live music on every block, food trucks galore, and a never ending supply of cute scruffy boys in well-fitting jeans. But while those last two were nice perks, let's talk about the important thing here: the music!

I went to Austin with a stacked schedule, though I had been warned to use it more as a guideline than a rigid timetable. And indeed, I only say about a quarter of the acts I had intended, but caught some others I hadn't intended as a result, many of which ended up being pleasant surprises. Here's a few of the acts that stood out the most, both by my own personal experience and what I heard from others' reviews:

**Because I know there's a lot more songs here than usual, and not everyone likes the same things, I've included handy little [Genre] tags, so you can scroll to the type of music that appeals to you. Or just take my word for it, and download all. You're welcome.

[Right-Click Link to Download]

Stay Useless - Cloud Nothings [Rock]

Cloud Nothings have proven themselves to be the little indie band that could, and while I missed their Saturday set by 3 minutes, everyone I spoke to at the venue was blown away by their powerful and charismatic live show. And with hooks like those in Stay Useless, what's not to love?

I Start To Run - White Denim [Rock]

You should all know that I'm absolutely crazy about White Denim--both musically and sexually. Their Saturday night set was stellar, and as they closed out their show with this old single, Austin's local boys proved that they're ready for the big time.

Settle Down - Kimbra [Pop/Jazz]

Kimbra was one of my most-anticipated acts of the weekend, and not only did she fail to disappoint, she absolutely blew me away. This Australian (who's only 21!!) has an absolute powerhouse of a voice, which sounded exactly the same--if not better--live as on her records. If the pop music industry knows what's good for it, this girl will be an international superstar by the end of the year. She deserves it, at least.

Montana - Youth Lagoon ["Chillwave"]

I've been trying to catch Youth Lagoon for a good six months now, yet something always ends up standing in my way. This weekend it was relentless, never-ending lines. While I wasn't lucky enough to make it into any of their sets, others raved. And here we thought Chillwave was just going to be a 2010 thing.

Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics Remix) - Korallreven [Lush Electro]

By happenstance I caught a few songs at two of Korallreven's shows, and what a joy they were. Swedes can do no wrong in my book, and this duo fits my stereotype nicely. The Elite Gymnastics remix of their single Sa Sa Samoa takes it up a couple notches, adding rich layers and even a tributary Whitney Houston sample.

Fit Against The Country - Horse Feathers [Folk]

It seemed that all weekend, every group of friends I met up with had "just come from a Horse Feathers show." In my alcohol-induced haze, I never registered what they meant, until I got back to Dallas, looked at my iTunes library, and realized "Oh shit, THESE GUYS are Horse Feathers?!" I've been somewhat obsessed with Fit Against The County for the better part of 2012. Turn it on when you're having one of those days, and you probably will be too.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Be Mine (Ocelot Remix)

Now your voice is like an echo in my head
And I remember every word you said

Theo Gosselin

I know I haven't posted in forever, and thus you're probably itching for some new music (or at least that what I like to tell myself), but bear with me another post while I entertain my own ego by posting an oldie, just because I fecking want to.

I was in a store yesterday when Robyn's Be Mine came on. I was super stoked firstly because Robyn isn't played nearly enough in the US, and secondly because I just really love the song. Within 30 seconds I realized that what was playing wasn't what I had been expecting, but rather the Ellie Goulding cover of the song. This was disappointing for many a reason, not least of all because Ellie Goulding really isn't very good. Sorry guys, I just don't get the hoopla. Anyway, it put me in a rather dour mood, and upon entering my car I had to immediately turn on the Ocelot remix of the song. Unlike the Goulding bastardization, the Ocelot remix is a total banger, staying true to the piece's original melody while making it dancefloor or sitting-in-your-car-singing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-post-breakup accessible.

Be Mine (Ocelot Mthrfckrs Remix) - Robyn [mp3]

Sunshine in Chicago

I Eat Stars

Singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek is readily preparing a new full-length record under his Sun Kil Moon moniker. Among the Leaves looks to be a solid entry to an already impressive discography from the former Red House Painters frontman. The first preview, a song called Sunshine in Chicago, finds Kozelek in familiar territory. It’s not quite as depressing or grandiose as anything from the unbeatable Ghosts of the Great Highway, but the Ohio native still knows how to write a heart-wrenching track. The song has a lot of what I like best about Sun Kil Moon's best tracks: a lot of nostalgia. With Sunshine in Chicago, Kozelek reflects on a long career of playing music – which doesn’t seem to be as great as it once was.

"My band played here a lot in the ’90s when we had / Lots of female fans, and fuck, they all were cute / Now I just sign posters for guys in tennis shoes.”

Well...we appreciate it, Mark.

Listen to (and download) Sunshine in Chicago below. Be sure to look for Among the Leaves, out May 29th on Caldo Verde.

Sunshine in Chicago - Sun Kil Moon

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Your Eyes Were Shining

Linda Scheynius

It’s been almost a decade since we’ve heard a full-length release from The Jealous Sound. Frontman Blair Shehan and guitarist Pedro Benito return with A Gentle Reminder, a stellar follow-up to 2003’s amazing Kill Them With Kindness. With help from Nate Mendel (Sunny Day Real Estate) and Josh Staples (ex-Velvet Teen) on bass, and Bob Penn on drums, The Jealous Sound’s reformation is more than fans could ever ask for. The entire album deserves a healthy heaping of praise. Pop-infused rock at its finest, The Jealous Sound continue right where they left off in 2003 – cascading guitars met with spacey, twinkling fills and pulled together by Shehan’s brilliant, and at times, gut-wrenching vocals. Your Eyes Were Shining finds the band treading old territory, but still managing to sound completely fresh. There’s even a little throwback to Shehan’s old post-punk band Knapsack in there (Cold Enough to Break, anyone?). The song truly embodies what The Jealous Sound is all about: a poppy, emotionally-driven band that’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. Thank God this band didn't try to reinvent the wheel or themselves. Welcome back, guys.

Listen to Your Eyes Were Shining below and make sure pick up A Gentle Reminder. Or you can be like me and pre-order the album on either pink or white vinyl.

Your Eyes Were Shining - The Jealous Sound