Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heaven Can Wait

Heaven can wait, and hell's too far to go.

I've been on a bit of a Charlotte Gainsbourg kick ever since seeing Melancholia (which was by far and away the best movie of 2011; fuck the Academy). This has mostly applied to films, but her music hits a sweet spot too. She's the daughter of famed French chanteur Serge Gainsbourg, her music toes the line between French pop and indie rock, with a splash of jazz thrown in for good measure. Heaven Can Wait, her 2009 collaboration with Beck, recently received the remix treatment from another impressive French musician, the illustrious (yes, illustrious) Breakbot, who's work with this song is, as always, on point. While this is not one of his more daring or complex remixes, his take nonetheless funks the song up a bit, breathing new life into a song which is now practically eons old in 'blog years.'

Heaven Can Wait (Breakbot Remix) - Charlotte Gainsbourg

And the original:
Heaven Can Wait (feat. Beck) - Charlotte Gainsbourg

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