Friday, March 30, 2012

The National Health

I wouldn't bet my life that things will change tomorrow.

Theo Gosselin

Maximo Park - blast from the past and the band that cultivated my love for thick UK accents - put up a stream of their new single a few days ago.
This is awesome because:

a) it doesn't suck
b) it's far better than any single off their last album
c) it marks a return back to the punchy, exuberantly angsty post-punk that captivated everyone on their first album, but which all but lost over the course of the next two
d) despite the 3 year lapse between albums, Paul Smith still sounds impossibly sexy

The National Health is the title track to their new album, slated to be released June 11. Stream it below, and if you like it be sure to pre-order the full album on their site.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Youth (Pyramid Remix)

Rarely do I give a LOOSE L!P ST!CK (our somewhat-regularly-updated current ear worm, located in the left hand column <<< ) a post of its own, but this one really deserves it. For starters, the song in question, by UK newcomer Foxes, has been remixed by LOOSE L!PS' favorite, Pyramid. Secondly, turns out Foxes is signed to one of our label crushes, Neon Gold. I wasn't surprised to learn that, given that her small repertoire completely encapsulates the accessible and energetic indie pop the label is so well known for.

Pyramid, who's career we've been watching closely, continues to grow and evolve with ever-shifting styles. This time he adds a pulsating electro touch to the song, Youth, rendering it markedly more powerful and insanely catchy.

Youth (Pyramid Remix) - Foxes

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Friday, March 23, 2012


David Wilson

It's [FINALLY] the weekend, so here's a banger.
Though the stream of Jacques Lu Cont's MASSIVE Church came out about a month ago, Lu Cont (aka The Thin White Duke, aka Stuart Price) just released the full, glorious 320 version available for download via his Facebook page, assumedly in anticipation of his US tour.

While you may be unfamiliar with the Lu Cont moniker, Mr. Stuart Price is no newcomer to the music scene, and his expertise is more than evident in this particular track. He's a 3-time Grammy winner, having produced for such acts as Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Take That, The Killers, Seal, and Keane. Clearly, Price knows a thing or two about pop production, but don't think he's limited to it. As Church so powerfully demonstrates, he is also capable of busting out full-throttle bangers, the kind that could immediately fill an empty dance floor and leave you screaming for more.
And per my firm belief that we need more Latin in popular music, I tip my hat to you, Lu Cont.

Preview the 128k version below, and go get the club-crunching full 320 over at his Facebook page. Immediately.

Church - Jacques Lu Cont

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Randy P. Martin

You didn't really think I'd finished our SXSW wrap-up without mentioning LOOSE L!PS favorite (and new BFF) Conner Youngblood, did you? I just figured I'd give him his own post, cause he's such a great guy and all.

But really, last Thursday was the first chance I'd had to catch the Dallas native live, and it was quite a treat. With a mixer and sampler set up before him on an ironing board, and a guitar slung around his shoulder, Connor delighted the assembled audience with his sweet voice and memorable melodies. This was another SXSW act that sounds exactly like his recordings--no easy feat considering the amount of vocal and electronic effects so often added to modern music. This was Youngblood's first SX, expect many more to come. Check out his latest single, Australia, and be sure to download his Sketches mixtape, which he self-released last month on Soundcloud.

Australia - Conner Youngblood

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SXSW Roundup

Missy Prince

I just got back from my first SXSW, and I'm not sure I will ever be the same. At least, my liver won't. But really, it was my heaven--live music on every block, food trucks galore, and a never ending supply of cute scruffy boys in well-fitting jeans. But while those last two were nice perks, let's talk about the important thing here: the music!

I went to Austin with a stacked schedule, though I had been warned to use it more as a guideline than a rigid timetable. And indeed, I only say about a quarter of the acts I had intended, but caught some others I hadn't intended as a result, many of which ended up being pleasant surprises. Here's a few of the acts that stood out the most, both by my own personal experience and what I heard from others' reviews:

**Because I know there's a lot more songs here than usual, and not everyone likes the same things, I've included handy little [Genre] tags, so you can scroll to the type of music that appeals to you. Or just take my word for it, and download all. You're welcome.

[Right-Click Link to Download]

Stay Useless - Cloud Nothings [Rock]

Cloud Nothings have proven themselves to be the little indie band that could, and while I missed their Saturday set by 3 minutes, everyone I spoke to at the venue was blown away by their powerful and charismatic live show. And with hooks like those in Stay Useless, what's not to love?

I Start To Run - White Denim [Rock]

You should all know that I'm absolutely crazy about White Denim--both musically and sexually. Their Saturday night set was stellar, and as they closed out their show with this old single, Austin's local boys proved that they're ready for the big time.

Settle Down - Kimbra [Pop/Jazz]

Kimbra was one of my most-anticipated acts of the weekend, and not only did she fail to disappoint, she absolutely blew me away. This Australian (who's only 21!!) has an absolute powerhouse of a voice, which sounded exactly the same--if not better--live as on her records. If the pop music industry knows what's good for it, this girl will be an international superstar by the end of the year. She deserves it, at least.

Montana - Youth Lagoon ["Chillwave"]

I've been trying to catch Youth Lagoon for a good six months now, yet something always ends up standing in my way. This weekend it was relentless, never-ending lines. While I wasn't lucky enough to make it into any of their sets, others raved. And here we thought Chillwave was just going to be a 2010 thing.

Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics Remix) - Korallreven [Lush Electro]

By happenstance I caught a few songs at two of Korallreven's shows, and what a joy they were. Swedes can do no wrong in my book, and this duo fits my stereotype nicely. The Elite Gymnastics remix of their single Sa Sa Samoa takes it up a couple notches, adding rich layers and even a tributary Whitney Houston sample.

Fit Against The Country - Horse Feathers [Folk]

It seemed that all weekend, every group of friends I met up with had "just come from a Horse Feathers show." In my alcohol-induced haze, I never registered what they meant, until I got back to Dallas, looked at my iTunes library, and realized "Oh shit, THESE GUYS are Horse Feathers?!" I've been somewhat obsessed with Fit Against The County for the better part of 2012. Turn it on when you're having one of those days, and you probably will be too.