Thursday, March 22, 2012


Randy P. Martin

You didn't really think I'd finished our SXSW wrap-up without mentioning LOOSE L!PS favorite (and new BFF) Conner Youngblood, did you? I just figured I'd give him his own post, cause he's such a great guy and all.

But really, last Thursday was the first chance I'd had to catch the Dallas native live, and it was quite a treat. With a mixer and sampler set up before him on an ironing board, and a guitar slung around his shoulder, Connor delighted the assembled audience with his sweet voice and memorable melodies. This was another SXSW act that sounds exactly like his recordings--no easy feat considering the amount of vocal and electronic effects so often added to modern music. This was Youngblood's first SX, expect many more to come. Check out his latest single, Australia, and be sure to download his Sketches mixtape, which he self-released last month on Soundcloud.

Australia - Conner Youngblood

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