Friday, March 30, 2012

The National Health

I wouldn't bet my life that things will change tomorrow.

Theo Gosselin

Maximo Park - blast from the past and the band that cultivated my love for thick UK accents - put up a stream of their new single a few days ago.
This is awesome because:

a) it doesn't suck
b) it's far better than any single off their last album
c) it marks a return back to the punchy, exuberantly angsty post-punk that captivated everyone on their first album, but which all but lost over the course of the next two
d) despite the 3 year lapse between albums, Paul Smith still sounds impossibly sexy

The National Health is the title track to their new album, slated to be released June 11. Stream it below, and if you like it be sure to pre-order the full album on their site.

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