Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Youth (Pyramid Remix)

Rarely do I give a LOOSE L!P ST!CK (our somewhat-regularly-updated current ear worm, located in the left hand column <<< ) a post of its own, but this one really deserves it. For starters, the song in question, by UK newcomer Foxes, has been remixed by LOOSE L!PS' favorite, Pyramid. Secondly, turns out Foxes is signed to one of our label crushes, Neon Gold. I wasn't surprised to learn that, given that her small repertoire completely encapsulates the accessible and energetic indie pop the label is so well known for.

Pyramid, who's career we've been watching closely, continues to grow and evolve with ever-shifting styles. This time he adds a pulsating electro touch to the song, Youth, rendering it markedly more powerful and insanely catchy.

Youth (Pyramid Remix) - Foxes

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