Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getaway Tonight

Gracie Magee

Herro. Remember us?
If you don't, allow me to jar your memory with some pretty stellar music. Which, really, is the only kind of music we feature.

Opossom are Kiwis. And by that I mean they're from New Zealand. Other than that, I haven't been able to garner much about the bend except that their debut album, Electric Hawaii (what a title), is being released tomorrow. They classify themselves as a combination of garage, pop, psychedelic, and R&B, which I'd say is actually a pretty accurate description. Take their single Getaway Tonight as an example. What starts as fuzzy garage rock propelled by galloping drums breaks into unexpected vocal syncopation, giving the song a poppy uplift and taking it from 'standard' to 'memorable'. Its a styling reminiscent to the sounds of Discovery, may they rest in peace. And with a superlative like that, this song definitely has the chance to become a summer standard.

Check out Getaway Tonight below, and be sure to buy their album in its entirety when it comes out tomorrow. Also head to their bandcamp for more previews and free songs.

Getaway Tonight - Opossom

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