Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1 Out Of 2

Breakbot is back. It's not that he ever really left (thank goodness), but he spent a considerable amount of time focusing on releasing remixes rather than original material. But just this week, he released his third EP of original material, 1 out of 2. Like his unforgettable first single, Baby I'm Yours, the EP's title track also features French vocalist Irfane, who adds a touch of class with his smooth croon. And like his first single, this one is also pretty close to perfect.

As an on-point Viceroy tweeted, "Breakbot is the electronic Elton John." By this I assume he means that Breakbot can do no wrong (I mean can you really think of a terrible Elton John song?), in which case, I agree wholeheartedly. Sure he's an electronic artist, and French no less, but Breakbot's style transcends genres, which has allowed him to create some of the best pop songs of the past decade. Not convinced? Time will tell.

1 Out Of 2 was released Monday, in Europe [buy it here]. Still waiting on that US release… Until then, stream the dancey Oliver remix below, and head over to our Facebook page to hear the original.

Breakbot - One Out Of Two (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

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I love it!!! Really great!!

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