Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Chief

Get up, Stand up, Chin Up

Sophie Tajan

Whenever I hear the word "Wildcat" in relation to music, I always think of this.
But Wildcat! Wildcat! are completely unrelated to Ratatat, except perhaps in their shared musicality. While Wildcat! Wildcat! are stylistically different from Ratatat, the former leading towards the "pop" side of the indie-electro spectrum with the latter leaning towards the "rock", both groups share a knack for near-flawless song construction, and the ability to craft an unforgettable hook.

Wildcat! Wildcat! are actually three guys from LA, who make falsetto-topped music that sounds like what you'd get if you threw a bunch MGMT, Passion Pit, and Local Natives vinyls in a fire, melted them together, trimmed the fat, and stuck the result on the record player you bought at Urban Outfitters. If someone were to ask me today to play them a song that exemplified the "indie-electro genre"--if we are to admit there is such a thing--anything by Wildcat! Wildcat! would do the trick. The beauty in these songs is that while the formula feels familiar, the execution and production are so sublimely symbiotic that they don't feel trite. The band doesn't indulge in a single excessive note or beat; every refrain, every sax solo, every "woop" has a purpose, keeping every song to the pop-perfected formula of just around 3 minutes in length. All they need is one of those right time right place situations, and these guys could/should/will probably blow up.

The Chief was just released this week. Stream it, download it, love it.
The Chief - Wildcat! Wildcat!
Bonus: Mr. Quiche - Wildcat! Wildcat!

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