Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Heart Beats

Ryan McGinley

I think I've made it known that, generally speaking, I am not a fan of all-girl bands. Obviously there are notable exceptions, but the whole man hating thing gets old, fast. Feminism in music is fine, but bitterness doesn't look good on anyone. But guess what? Despite what the name may suggest (or at least, what I assumed upon seeing it), Veronica Falls are NOT a girl band. Yes they have a female lead vocalist, but they also have a male lead vocalist. If this isn't true equality--the apex of feminism--I don't know what is. And the best part is, they're pretty great

Though I discovered them rather late in the game (their self-titled debut album came out towards the end of last year), they hit my stereo just in time to serve as perfect, upbeat, sunny day rock. Veronica Falls are from England, which shouldn't come as any surprise, as they inhabit that never-gets-old poppy yet stomping indie rock niche their country's musicians perfected. Take My Heart Beats as a prime example. It could very well be a Belle & Sebastian song, but a glossy new proverbial coat of paint packages it for the younger set, and it passes as something fresh. While Veronica Falls owe a nod to the past, their future's looking bright.

My Heart Beats - Veronica Falls

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