Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spring Break-Up

Things fall apart, sometimes right from the start
Its sad but true, it's not me - its you

Do you know what's better mood music than a spitting pop punk song about getting over a stupid boy when you yourself are currently in the throws of getting over a stupid boy? I'll tell you: Nothing.

By this point, I'm over the boy (did that just get way deep?), but Spring Break-Upremains a go-to pick-me-up. It's written by TacocaT, who not only have a totally awesome name but they're also from Seattle, my hometown! (Go Thunder.) They're an almost-all-girl group comprised of three adorable ladies and one tall dude with a lot of hair. They describe their sound as "Kurt Meets Courtney," but I don't think they're doing themselves justice; who really wants to associate themselves with Love these days? Besides, their sound is much more pop influenced than the above artists. If anything, I'd say they're the grit of Pretty Girls Make Graves (also from Seattle) meets the pop craftsmanship of Best Coast. A.K.A. They're pretty badass.

Check out Spring Break-Up below and pound out your broken heart via some serious car air-drumming. Then head to their bandcamp and buy some more music.

Spring Break-Up - TacocaT

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