Monday, June 4, 2012

We Got It Wrong

It's no secret that I've been seriously lagging in my posting, and thus some well-deserving groups have been grievously under-shared with y'all. One such group is New York's St. Lucia. There was a lot of buzz surrounding these guys in early 2012. Of course because of this I did my best to ignore them as long as possible (because i still like to fancy myself an elitist prick at times). Eventually it was impossible, and I jumped on the buzzwagon. Now--because I like to tell kid myself this is your only source of music news--you can too!

First up we have We Got It Wrong, released late last year, and remixed to heaven and back this past winter. My favorite version is still the original, however. It's a commanding piece of electronic-backed pop, with layered male/female vocals (my kryptonite), bombastic drums, and a really stupid awesome bass line. All these elements harken to early M83, you know, the good old days, when eeh still ahd zee accent.

Their debut EP was released early March. If you liked this preview, buy it now.

We Got It Wrong - St. Lucia

Bonus: A remix of their song Closer Than This by California's Viceroy, who despite being a relative newcomer has been dishing up a slew of pretty impressive works of late.

Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix) - St. Lucia

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