Monday, July 30, 2012

California Dames

Let's talk about local music.
Do you ever feel like you're obligated to support local music even though the scene really sucks? [Or to be PC, isn't quite your cup of tea?] It's one thing to support local venues, especially the independent ones; that's kind of a no-brainer. But adhering to the ethos that just because a band exists in your city/town, you have to like it? I don't follow. I feel this way in large part regarding the Dallas/Fort Worth scene. I get imbued with "SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC" messages every time I step into a nearby coffee shop, or check Facebook. I would like to support the little guys, really I would…but I don't support shit. So there's that.

Thank god we have Sundress. Sundress are from Denton, Texas' "little Austin," and they're one of the few local acts that I've been following - and enjoying - for some time. Now that they've put out their official debut 7", and are getting some national attention, it's probably a good time to stop being an asshole and start actively supporting these guys. After all, they are insanely likable. Their sound is shoegaze of the best sort, twinged with garage-derived reverb and a beachy listlessness. If you're the type that prefers pigeon-hole genres, I'd call it "lake boathouse whilst smoking a j" rock. Yes. That's totally it. In other words, it's pretty hard not to get on with.

Download their first single below, and if you're the vinyl sort, go order it on White Iris. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows, and support local music!

California Dames - Sundress


Anonymous said...

Found this blog post in a google search. Could not agree more. And I own a music venue.

Chris said...

So true. I try to get behind local music, but not when it's crap here.

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