Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Alexandra Valenti

Keeping on with today's Australian trend, we have RÜFÜS, who we've featured only briefly before, but love. RÜFÜS are from Sydney (like, who isn't?), and apparently one member is a friend of a friend's ex-boyfriend so like, small world huh? I wonder how Kevin Bacon plays into this.

RÜFÜS are coming up in a big way, after forming a mere two years ago, they recently released their second, self-titled 8-track EP. [Dudes why wouldn't you just get two more songs and do a full-length?!] It blends spaced out synths with crooning, often almost gloomy vocals and the kind of pop hook that only those from down under seem to know how to master. They are now embarking on an Australian tour before heading to the states for some CMJ action. They're hoping to score a couple more shows while here in the US, so if you like what you hear, call your best promoter friend (be honest, everyone has one) and demand they be added to a bill or two.

Listen to their single Selena below, and prepare to fall in love too.

Bonus: A remix of their last single, This Summer
This Summer (RÜFÜS Remix) - RÜFÜS

Double Bonus: Their older We Left - a personal all-time favorite.
We Left - RÜFÜS

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