Wednesday, November 21, 2012


You know that age-old idea that when it comes to the arts - music, paintings, dance - the French do it better? Well it's mostly true. Take C2C, for example. Hailing from Nantes with a rap and jazz-influenced electro background, when it comes to DJ collectives they've upped the ante in nearly every category:

1. They're not just DJ's, they're turntablists. That means that unlike your all too common Serato 'DJ's, they don't just have turntables for show, they actually use them as instruments.

2. They aren't your typical DJ duo, but rather a foursome: Talent, squared.

3. They're the best at what they do: they won the DMC world championship (the ultimate prize for anyone interested in scratching) four years in a row.

Still not convinced? Have a listen to Delta, the first single off their debut album Tetra, which was released in December after 15 years in the making. And if that still doesn't get you going (or you just want more), check out this video of their live DJing set, and realize why anyone DJing with a computer isn't going to cut it anymore.

Delta - C2C

Happy (feat. Derek Martin) - C2C

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