Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I'm in love with your girlfriend

Earlier a friend and I entered into a brief discussion about our ideal modern music landscape. We agreed that today there is a decidedly lacking middle ground between 'blog-buzzed' type tracks, deep cuts, and pounding, stadium-sized EDM. What we need more of is some indie dance - that genre that first developed in the mid 2000's in which traditional instruments and synthesizers lived in symbiotic harmony, and songs were vocally driven yet punchy and well-produced. But I'm not too worried, as though output of this type is less than the past, the indie dance flame is still stoked by such labels as Australia's Future Classic, NYC's Neon Gold, and France's Kitsuné (AKA my favorites).

A band currently carrying the proverbial torch is London's Citizens! They're a five-piece with nary a computer in sight, yet their songs get the girls [me] dancing. Think early Franz Ferdinand - their album was produced by Alex Kapranos after all - with some Elefant (anyone remember them?). A month ago I had the opportunity to see them live, and while I went into the show with no expectations, I came out with that post-show euphoria brought on only by a band that's got it all: charisma, energy, and good old talent.

Grab two singles (one remix) so good they may cause spontaneous dancing fits, and then be sure to buy Citizens!' debut album here.

Girlfriend - Citizens!

True Romance (Gildas Remix) - Citizens!

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